Fair Usage Policy

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Digicel Fibre Internet is subject to a Fair Usage Policy. The purpose of the Policy is to ensure we are providing a fair and sustainable broadband service for all our Digicel Fibre customers. Under the Policy, available network bandwidth is shared equally amongst all our customers who are online at the same time. However there will always be a small minority of customers who will do a lot more on their connection during peak times (6-11pm daily). Without a Fair Usage Policy this small number of people would flood the network with data traffic during peak times, which can slow speeds down for everyone else so we use a Fair Usage Policy to put a temporary speed restriction on the heaviest users uploading data during peak times only. We don’t limit the amount of data they can upload, or what they can download, just the speed at which they can upload during peak times to ensure everyone can enjoy consistently fast speeds across our fibre network.

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Fair Usage Policy