Terms and Conditions: New Postpaid Plans

New Postpaid Plans: Frequently asked Questions

Q: How does the new Digicel Postpaid Plans work?

A: The new Postpaid plans provide new postpaid customers the following:

  • Unlimited Data for three months
  • Unlimited iMessaging and 1GB Free for Apple music
  • Unlimited WhatsApp (excluding video calls)
  • Unlimited local talk and text
  • Unlimited minutes to Canada and United States
  • Unlimited international SMS
  • PlayGo and d’Music apps
  • Digicel Postpaid Roaming Pass built-in the Premier Plan
  • 12 or 24 month agreement


Q: How do I get a new Postpaid smartphone plan and all these extras?

A: To activate or upgrade to a new Postpaid Smartphone Plan visit our retail store, contact Customer Care at 500-5000 or email info.bermuda@digicelgroup.com.


Q: What are the exclusive extras?

A:  The exclusive extras include three months unlimited data, the d’Music app plus 2GB of data, Unlimited WhatsApp messaging and the new PlayGo app with 2GB of data. These extras can be activated via the My Digicel App under ‘Extras’ in the


Q: What is the PlayGo app?

A:  PlayGo app is a live streaming service with premium and exclusive TV and sports content including SportsMax, SportsMax 2, Catch and Catch 2. Customers get a free 2GB allowance and any additional data usages comes from your data plan. Customers can also connect to a WiFi service to stream content without it impacting data usage.


Q: What is Unlimited WhatsApp usage?

A:  Postpaid customers on a Standard, Select or Premier plan can enjoy unlimited WhatsApp including messaging, calls and viewing video messages. Customers on Core plan can enjoy unlimited WhatsApp messaging only. Unlimited WhatsApp on all plan does not include video calls.


Q: What is three months Unlimited Data?

A:  Postpaid customers can enjoy all the data they need for three months on any of our best value Smartphone Plans.  This means you can enjoy all the features and online capability of your smartphone without the worry of spending more.  The offer applies to data use in Bermuda.


Q: After the 3 months, what happens to my data allowance?

A: When your Three Months Unlimited Data comes to an end, it will revert back to the allotted data customer signed up for. If you notice you have been using more data than the plan you originally selected provides within these first 3 months you will have the choice to change to a plan that benefits from a bigger data allowance. If your selected plan provides enough data, great news... you can just continue to use your plan knowing you have all the data you need.


Q: How does the Long Distance feature of the plan work?

A:  Basic and Core Digicel Postpaid Smartphone Plans include a Digicel Long Distance Ultimate Plan, which allows you to call around the world starting as low as 15¢ per minute.

Standard, Select and Premier Digicel Postpaid Smartphone Plans include 150 minutes on a Standard plan, 250 minutes on a Select plan and unlimited Digicel Long Distance Unlimited Plan, which allows you to call the USA†, Canada†, UK* and/or Ireland* at no cost.  Upon completion of the allocated long distance minutes included, long distance will be billed from only 15¢ per minute.  (†calls to landline and mobile included, *calls to landline included).

Standard, Select and Premier plans also include unlimited SMS to any destination worldwide.

For full details on Digicel Long Distance plans and rates, please click here.


Q: How does the Roaming Pass work on the Premier plan?

A: The Digicel Roaming Pass is a hassle free way to get reduced roaming rates on SMS, Minutes and Data when travelling in the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.  It provides all the benefits explained here but at no extra cost and with no need to manually activate.


Q: I used all my data. What happens next?

A: You will automatically be allotted a data bucket of 250MB for $10 until your next bill cycle. If you use this data bucket (250MB) another data bucket will be added to your account. This cycle will continue until the next billing period. Don’t worry about losing track. You will be notified when you have 50MB of your data-bucket remaining.


Q: If I am an existing Digicel customer, do I have to extend my contract to activate a New Postpaid Smartphone Plan?

A: Yes.  To take advantage of the great value in the plans, you will need to extend any existing commitment period by 12 or 24 months from the point of plan activation.


Q: If I am an existing Digicel customer and I activate a new Digicel Postpaid Smartphone Plan, can I get a discount on a new device?

A: Yes.  All customers will be eligible for our then current device pricing offers as follows:

If you are currently out of agreement you may purchase a device at the noted Postpaid pricing.

If you have six months or less remaining on your current agreement, you may purchase a device at the noted Postpaid pricing.

If you have more than six months remaining on your agreement, you may purchase a device at the Upgrade pricing.


Q: If I am a new Digicel customer, do I have to pay a fee to activate a Digicel Postpaid Smartphone Plan?

A:  In most instances, there is an activation and SIM card fee applicable for new customers.  There is no activation fee for existing Digicel customers who activate a Digicel Postpaid Smartphone Plan.


Q: Will I have to change my number upon activating a Digicel Postpaid Smartphone Plan?

A: Digicel Postpaid Smartphone Plans require a Digicel Postpaid SIM card.  Existing customers with an active local mobile phone number will not be required to change their numbers when moving to a Digicel smartphone plan.


Q:  Can I start with one plan and change to another one?

A: You can upgrade to another plan at any time (if, for example, you would like to benefit from more inclusive data).  If you do move to a higher plan during your agreement term, you may subsequently move back down.  However, you will not be able to move to a plan lower than your original agreement.  This is because, among other things, we provide a bigger discount on phones on higher plans.  We recommend that you change your plan at the end of the current billing month.


Q:  How do I know what plan is right for me?

A:  Our retail and care teams are happy to discuss your mobile needs and determine the plan is best suited to you.  Simply visit any Digicel retail store, or contact Customer Care via 500-5000 or info.bermuda@digicelgroup.com.


Apple FAQs


Q: What plans can I get for Apple?

A: As an Apple Authorized Reseller, we have created plans exclusive for Apple phones. These plans let you still enjoy all the great benefits of our Postpaid Smartphone Plan but now also unlimited iMessaging and 1GB of free data to use with Apple Music for all iPhone users.


Q: If I am already on a Smartphone Plan will I get the benefit of the promotion?

A:  No, the promotion is only open to new customers who sign up for any 12 or 24 month Postpaid Smartphone Plan as of August 4th 2016. If you are currently on a smartphone plan, you must fully re-commit to your existing contract length to take advantage of the plans built for Apple.


Q: Is the cost of Apple Music included?

A: No, the cost of your Apple Music subscription fee is not included however you will get 1GB of free data to stream music. This means that you can listen to all your favourite music without it affecting your data allowance. After you have reached the 1GB of data, any further usage will be deducted against the data balance allocated in your chosen plan.


Q: Is picture and video messaging included in the unlimited iMessaging?

A: Yes, video and picture is included in the unlimited iMessaging. Just make sure that your data is turned on, you are on iMessenger and you are free to send all the snaps you want!


Q: If I choose not to take advantage of this will it affect the monthly cost of my plan?

A: Unlimited iMessaging and the free 1GB of data is an added value to the Postpaid Smartphone Plans that you are free to use at your discretion. If you choose not to use the services, it will not affect the cost your plan.


Q: Can I take the advantage of the promotion in conjunction with other promotions?

A: Yes, you are free to take advantage of any of our other great offers in conjunction with this including- Data Test Drive, Phones are Free and the Digicel Price Promise.