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Choose the phone plan that's right for you.

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Choose the phone plan that's right for you


Enjoy the clearest and most reliable digital voice connection when speaking to your family and friends at home and abroad. Choose the phone plan that’s right for you with honest upfront pricing and no hidden charges, plus we’ve a host of unique calling features to enhance your service.


Contact us on 500 5000 or register your interest here to get connected to Bermuda’s only 100% true fibre network.

Calling Features

Call Waiting

Call Waiting notifies you when there is a second call coming through while you're on the phone.


Call Forwarding Busy Line

Call Forwarding Busy Line allows you to forward calls to an alternate number or your voice mail when you are on an existing call.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to have all your incoming calls automatically forwarded to a designated number.


Call Forwarding Don't Answer

When you can't answer your phone, Call Forwarding Don't Answer sends the call to voicemail or to the number you specified when you ordered the service. Select the number of times your phone rings before a call is forwarded.

Incoming Call Return

No more racing to answer a ringing phone and picking it up just as the caller hangs up.


Caller ID Deluxe

See the caller's name and number after one ring.

Outgoing Call Repeat

This service automatically places your call again when the line it is monitoring is free.


Smart Ring

No more rushing to the phone when it's not for you - different rings tell you whether or not it's for you.


Selective Call Acceptance

For those that only wish to receive calls from a select few, this is a perfect solution.


Speed Calling

Create a short list up to 8 numbers or a long list up to 30 numbers of your most frequently dialed numbers. Quick and accurate access to your frequently called local and long-distance phone numbers at the touch of a button.


Voice Mail

With BTC voicemail you no longer need a separate device to capture voice messages when you are unavailable.



Selective Call Rejection

Selectively program a list of up to 12 landline numbers from which calls are to be rejected or blocked.


Selective Call Forwarding

Only incoming calls that are on your selective call forwarding list are routed to the selected location.



Three-Way Calling

Speak to two different people in two different locations at the same time. These three-way calls can even be a combination of local and long distance calls.


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