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New or existing Prepaid customers that purchase a Samsung a53 for $519 will get a FREE 30 Day Prepaid Elite Prime Ultra Bundle on US.


Visit a Digicel store and purchase the Samsung A53 for only $519.

In the Elite Prepaid Prime Ultra Bundle you get some amazing benefits. 10GB Data Allowance, Unlimited On & Off Net Mins, Unlimited SMS, Unlimited International Mins (US & Canada) & 30GB of social app data for the following: Apple Music (30GB) Spotify (30GB) Disney+ (30GB) Youtube (30GB) Tiktok (30GB) Snapchat (30GB) Instagram (30GB) Facebook (30GB) Twitter (30GB) WhatsApp (30GB) Soundcloud (30GB) Amazon Prime Video (30GB) MyDigicel (FREE) Loops News (30GB) GoLoud (30GB) BiP (30GB)

We currently sell the Prepaid Samsung a53 128GB for only $519. If you are looking to get the phone for cheaper we have two Postpaid contract options a 24 month & 36 month contract that you can get the phone for $0. 

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