Postpaid Handset Upgrade FAQs

We know you like to have the best smartphones, so we've made it even easier! 



The Get a Free Smartphone Every Year promotion is a handset rewards program for Postpaid Prime Ultra Bundle customers. All new customers signing up for a Prime Ultra Bundle 36-month contract, or any existing customer on a Prime Ultra Bundle not currently in contract or six months from contract expiry, can get a free smartphone. And a  free smartphone every 12 months thereafter.



New Customers: Join Digicel & activate a Prime Ultra Bundle on a minimum 36-month contract.


Existing customers: Upgrade to a Prime Ultra Bundle, be out of contract or within the last 6 months of your current contract and renew on a new minimum  36 month contract.

Upon signing, and dependent on your chosen Prime Ultra Bundle, you can get a maximum device discount of up to $2,200.00 and can choose any smartphone in stock.

Every 12 months thereafter, you will be eligible to get a device of your choice with a discount of up to $1,100.00.

All discounts are based on your monthly Prime Ultra Bundle subscription fee and will vary.

 If you don't use your device discount at the end of Year 1, it will rollover and accumulate to Year 2.

If you don't use your discount in Year 1 or Year 2, it will accumulate to Year 3. At this point, you will have to re-sign for an additional 36 months to be eligible for the sign-up device discount.

If you cancel your contract early you will lose all handset upgrade privileges including any accumulated handset bonus.


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