iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is the replacement for the baseline iPhone 12

The iPhone 13 conceptual design showcases a curved display that wraps around the screen on all four edges.

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Looking for a Brand NEW iPhone?


Explore both the 24 Month & 36 Month contract pricing for the iPhone 13. Use the dropdown menus below to preview. If you have found a pricing structure that best fits your requirements, simply come to the Digicel retail store and an experienced agent will work with you to secure your brand new iPhone 13.


Contract Details:



How Does It Work?


In the dropdown menu you'll find pricing for both the 24 Month & 36 Month contracts. 


Ex: iPhone 13 128GB - Silver (36 Months) - Pricing: $0. What does this mean? 


Your current Phone Bundle with Digicel is the category you will fit in (You can adjust your bundle if required).


Postpaid: If you were to sign the (36 Month Contract) on Silver you will be required to pay $0 for the iPhone 13 128GB. The current Postpaid Retail price of the iPhone 13 128GB is ($1,119). Giving you a savings of $1,119.


Note: The higher the bundle you are on; ex: (Silver & Up) the cheaper the iPhone 13 will be.


If you require extra assistance we are here to help. Call 1 (441) 500-5000 today, an agent is waiting to help with your inquiry.