Samsung Galaxy A54

Samsung Galaxy A54

Samsung Galaxy A54

The Samsung Galaxy A54 comes with 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and 5000mAh battery. Specs also include Triple camera setup on the back with 50MP main sensor and 32MP front selfie camera.

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Looking for a Brand NEW Samsung?


Explore both the 24 Month & 36 Month contract pricing for the Samsung Galaxy A54. Use the dropdown menus below to preview. If you have found a pricing structure that best fits your requirements, simply come to the Digicel retail store and an experienced agent will work with you to secure your brand-new Samsung Galaxy A54.


Postpaid Contract Details:



How Does It Work?


In the dropdown menu, you'll find pricing for both the 24 Month & 36 Month contracts. 


Ex: Samsung Galaxy A54 128GB - Bronze (24 Months) - Pricing: $0. What does this mean? 


Your current Phone Bundle with Digicel is the category you will fit in (You can adjust your bundle if required).


Postpaid: If you were to sign the (24 Month Contract) on Bronze you will be required to pay $0 for the Samsung Galaxy A54 128GB. The current Postpaid Retail price of the Samsung Galaxy A54 128GB is ($489). Giving you a savings of $489.


If you require extra assistance we are here to help. Call 1 (441) 500-5000 today, an agent is waiting to help with your inquiry.