Digicel & NOVA Mas Carnival Partnership


Press Release - Digicel & NOVA Mas Carnival Partnership





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Name: Arisha-Rene Butterfield

Job Title: Marketing Executive

Contact Number: +1 441 599 0233

Email: Arisha-Rene.Butterfield@digicelgroup.com



Digicel is the titled sponsor of NOVA Mas International


Hamilton, Bermuda –Friday, February 24, 2022. As the title sponsor, Digicel will continue its partnership with NOVA Mas International for the sixth year in a row for Bermuda's Carnival celebrations.


Digicel is proud and excited to continue this partnership to build the Bermuda brand and what Carnival means to the island. Together, we have elevated the Carnival experience while keeping local and international masqueraders connected. People love sharing their experiences online and with a bigger, and better network sharing has never been easier.


Seldon Woolridge, Finance and Director of NOVA Mas says, “NOVA Mas International has creatively designed a product that is rooted in Bermuda's heritage and Digicel has supported our efforts to boost the local entertainment industry and bring people from diverse backgrounds and from all around the world together for an unforgettable Carnival experience.


Arisha-Rene Butterfield, Marketing Executive says, “Over the Carnival season, Digicel will be activating on our social media platforms and in the retail stores with many giveaways and prizes. In addition, not one but two lucky Digicel customers will win big with a NOVA Mas Ultimate Carnival Experience, which includes a Frontline Costume, and tickets to Swizzle at Sunrise, the hottest events on the Carnival weekend line up.”


There is so much in the pipeline for Digicel and NOVA Mas International! Stay tuned in to Digicel’s social media platforms, so that you do not miss a beat of #SZN6 Carnival in Bermuda Experience, NOVA Mas Rhythm Nation, and High Vibrations!


About NOVA Mas International


NOVA Mas International is the curator of the ultimate Carnival in Bermuda experience. Since 2015, The NOVA Mas team has been committed to elevating the entertainment scene in the local market. It is inspired by Trinidad’s grandeur and lively carnival traditions and from that, NOVA Mas Intl. has creatively designed a product that is rooted in Bermuda’s heritage and culture.


Guided by artistic and creative strategy, NOVA Mas Intl. is able to successfully balance the vibrant colors, jeweled costumes and music with our local talent, food and people.


Ultimately, NOVA Mas promotes individuality and the brand creates a platform for Bermudians and lovers of the island to be dynamic in their self-expression. – A true celebration of life!


Their unique ability to bring people of diverse backgrounds together for a real vibe aligns with the ultimate goal to promote the Bermuda brand making Carnival in Bermuda with NOVA Mas an international calendar event.


Seldon Woolridge, Director of NOVA Mas Intl. says, “For our 2023 Carnival in Bermuda presentation, NOVA presents Rhythm Nation; High Vibrations.  This year's theme celebrates music through the diaspora and the powerful rhythms that resonate within our souls.  There are five vibrant costume sections with each designed and inspired by different genres of music. NOVA’s costume design team includes Bermuda’s own Barbara Paynter and international designers, David Dewer, Alejandro Gomez and Rawle Permanand.  The Carnival in Bermuda ‘Revel De Road’ event will take place on June 19, 2023.  Information regarding registration, costumes, packages and offerings can be found by visiting www.novamasintl.com.”


In addition to the mass offering during the carnival weekend, NOVA will be producing its eagerly anticipated Swizzle at Sunrise event, which will take place on Saturday June 17 at The Arboretum. This event grows every year and brings together good music, vibes and the spirit of Carnival. 


Outside of the carnival weekend, NOVA has various exciting events planned to take place throughout the year!




About Digicel


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