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Junior Article 2023

Finding The Perfect First Phone

Chances are, your child knows all the features of the new Apple and Samsung releases, and has compelling arguments for you to purchase one for them. But dropping a couple thousand dollars on a device for your child to leave it in the pavilion or on a ZR may put a strain on that unbreakable bond between parent and child. So, how do you decide how much to spend on a phone for your youngster? We like to consider the following:


How much can I afford?

While we may want to spoil our darlings, splurging on an expensive phone when things are tight may not be the best course of action. Check you finances and determine the price range that best suits your budget. You can consider phones under $200 (DL4), or take a look at midrange options (Samsung A04) that have the same great functionality as the more high-end models butat a fraction of the cost.


Should I spend what I can afford?

Even if you have a lot of disposable income, your youngster may not be the most careful and a flashy phone is ultimately fragile. Consider the durability of the phone versus the cost and if your child is responsible enough to take the appropriate care of a more expensive device. If your teen or tween has shown great care with other items and you want to gift them a top of the line model, by all means be our guest! Be sure to check out sturdy cases and phone screen protectors as well to protect your investment as well as tracking software to recover the phone if it is lost or stolen.


Do I need to spend anything at all?

Maybe you have an awesome phone and are looking to upgrade, hand me downs are a perfect solution for providing your offspring with a device of their own. A few things to consider when thinking about gifting your own phone. Is your phone functioning well - while a hand me down phone is a no cost solution, you still want your young one to have a phone that works. Consider if the battery is still good, ( there’s no point in having a phone for emergencies if the battery dies when your kiddo is in a pinch). If there are storage or update issues you need to objectively determine how much longer your old phone will truly last.


Can I involve my tween or teen in the purchase?

If you are thinking about purchasing a phone and want to use it as a means to educate your tween about money management, consider offering to match their savings to get them a phone. By saving their lunch money or doing odd jobs to raise the funds, they will value the investment and begin to understand the worth of their efforts.


If you are thinking of getting a device sooner rather than later, check out our specials and promotions and grab a deal!





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