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1.         Policy

Digicel (Barbados) Limited (“Digicel”) welcomes information and feedback from our customers.

We hope that customers will never have a reason to complain about any aspect of our services. However, if there is something that a customer is not happy with, we will do all we can to fix it.

In Digicel complaints are seen as an opportunity to review and improve the service we deliver. For this reason we have established these procedures for investigating and resolving complaints in an efficient, fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory way.


2.         How to Contact Us

If you need to contact us or would like to raise a complaint with us, you can contact us in the following ways:

How to Contact Us
Ways to contact us by Phone Contact Details
Via Digicel Barbados mobile #100 24/7
Ways to contact us by Phone
Via Digicel Barbados mobile
Via Barbados Landline/Non Digicel mobile 1-246 434-3444 During office hours
Ways to contact us by Phone
Via Barbados Landline/Non Digicel mobile
1-246 434-3444
During office hours
Via Digicel Mobile outside Barbados #100 24/7
Ways to contact us by Phone
Via Digicel Mobile outside Barbados
Via email 24/7
Ways to contact us by Phone
Via email
Via internet 24/7
Ways to contact us by Phone
Via internet
Via letter Digicel (Barbados) Ltd. 2nd Floor, Williams Tower Williams Industries Complex Warrens St. Michael
Ways to contact us by Phone
Via letter
Digicel (Barbados) Ltd. 2nd Floor, Williams Tower Williams Industries Complex Warrens St. Michael
Via fax 1 246 426 3444
Ways to contact us by Phone
Via fax
1 246 426 3444

3.         Complaints Procedure


Digicel’s primary channel for receiving and resolving complaints is through our Customer Care Center which is contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days per year through the short dial code (100) for all Digicel customers on a Digicel line or any of the other methods outlined above.


A.        Submitting a Complaint


1)         First a customer with a complaint should contact us to submit the complaint – either over the telephone or in writing - using one of the options above. Should the customer choose to call us, we will try to sort out the complaint during the call. If this is not possible, the Customer Care agent will agree a course of action with the customer.

2)         The following information should be included with all complaints:

a)    name and address of the complainant;

b)    where the complaint is submitted by a representative the name and address of the representative;

c)    account number, Digicel mobile number  or any other number for identification of the consumer in the records of the respondent;

d)    contact information of the consumer or his or her representative including, postal address, and where available, telephone number, fax number and electronic mail address;

e)    date of the complaint;

f)     Complete details of the complaint, including clear and specific information on specific issues that the complainant is dissatisfied with or has a grievance in relation to and the complainant’s resolution requirements.


3)         Anonymous complaints cannot be accepted.


4)         All complaints will be treated confidentially and will be investigated impartially and speedily.  In the case of complaints made by telephone Digicel tries to settle all complaints immediately. However, sometimes Digicel may have to investigate the matter before we can get back to the customer. In such cases the Customer Care agent will advise the customer when we expect to revert to them.


5)         Digicel will acknowledge all complaints received in writing within five (5) working days of receiving the complaint.


6)         All complaints shall be investigated and resolved within twenty (20) business days, except where objective reasons make such a complaint impossible to investigate and resolve within that time frame.


7)         Where it takes more than twenty business days for Digicel to investigate and resolve a complaint, such a complaint shall be resolved in the shortest possible timeframe and we will provide the complainant with regular updates as to the status of the investigation.


8)         Where Digicel requires additional information from a complainant in order to resolve a complaint we will promptly communicate this to the complainant. Where possible, such communication shall be in writing.


B.        Stage 2:          Appeal of a Complaint

9)         If a customer is not satisfied with the response or solution provided by Digicel, the complainant may lodge an appeal with the Digicel Customer Care Team.  The customer may request an appeal either by telephone or in writing as outlined above.


10)      The Customer Care Team Leader will review the file with a view to resolving the complaint. In determining the appeal the Customer Care Team Leader may liaise with the Customer Care Manager, the Legal & Regulatory team or other members of the Digicel Team. 


11)      Where possible the customer will be informed of the outcome of the appeal within twenty (20) business days.


4. Submitting a Complaint to the Fair Trading Commission


12)      Where a customer is dissatisfied with the manner in which Digicel has resolved his or her complaint or where Digicel has failed to resolve the complaint within twenty business days, the customer may submit a complaint to the Fair Trading Commission.


13)      The Fair Trading Commission may be contacted as follows:

Fair Trading Commission, Barbados

Good Hope, Green Hill
St. Michael

Phone:   1-246-4240260

Fax:       1- 246-424-0300



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