Personal Information

Personal Information


Your Personal Information


You’re important to us and we always want to ensure that we are doing right by you.


That’s why we are today advising you that some of your personal information may have been compromised.


During the month of October, cyber criminals obtained unauthorised access to our network and stole some data from Digicel. The cyber crime gang, RansomEXX, has since claimed responsibility for the attack.


Our internal IT and Security teams, working in tandem with our best in class partners, were successful in swiftly identifying the issue and containing it in less than 24 hours of detection and discovery.


Unfortunately, some personal information pertaining to some of our Digicel Barbados customers was accessed. This included names, addresses, phone numbers and, in a few cases, some billing information.


Despite the successful containment, we have of course been taking this incident extremely seriously and have been working round the clock with our partners to complete our robust back-up recovery plans.


And, in the interests of full compliance and transparency, we have notified the relevant regulatory authorities and are now notifying affected customers about the impact to them.


Attacks like this are on the rise across the world and cyber criminals like RansomEXX constantly try to find new avenues to attack systems and exploit them. This includes their use of new, never before seen malicious software that is created purposely to evade modern security protection systems.


We continue to make every effort to stay ahead of these malicious actors to keep our systems and processes robust and secure. There is no action you need to take at this time.


We pride ourselves on providing the best service to you and value you as a customer. We hope that you will allow us to work to regain your trust.


If you would like more information on how this affects you and your personal information, please email us on and we will be happy to help.