Digicel Rate Adjustment

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Digicel Rate Adjustment



Rate Adjustment on Mobile and Data Services

As you are aware, Digicel has made significant and ongoing investment in our networks to improve our service to you over the past eighteen months, including the implementation of 4GLTE and the expansion of our 4G cellular network. This investment has been necessary in order to continue to deliver the level of service you both expect and deserve.

Due to the increased cost of doing business, Digicel Barbados is making adjustments to rates for prepaid and postpaid mobile and data services. As such, you will notice some increase in rates for mobile calls, data services and plans to reflect our increased costs. In addition, in January 2016 Digicel absorbed the increase in VAT implemented by the Government as a gesture of goodwill to our valued customers in recognition of the nation’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. We advise that this concession now comes to an end and as a result the price changes on your bill will also reflect the full VAT amount.

Please note that the changes for postpaid customers take effect on February 1st 2017, while changes for prepaid customers take effect on January 3rd, 2017. For current pricing on our mobile and data products, please follow the links below:



For queries on these changes, you may contact us on 467-7000.

Digicel would like to thank you for your understanding and reaffirm our commitment to always providing our customers with the best networks, the best value and the best service in Barbados.

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Digicel Rate Adjustment