Can't Find Me Brudda

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Noel Maynard, the first winner of the promotion, poses moments after locating De Brudda in Rock Hall, St. Thomas.

20th October 2016 – Bridgetown, Barbados: Barbadians are reaping the benefits of Digicel’s new ‘Can’t Find Me Brudda’ competition. Similar to the Digicel Fugitive, the promotion sees would-be bounty hunters listening out for clues on the stations of the Starcom Network, before taking to the streets in an effort to locate ‘De Brudda’ for a chance to win a share of $20,000 in cash and prizes. 

Noel Maynard is one such customer and is $3,000 richer for his effort after tracking down ‘De Brudda’ in Rock Hall, St. Thomas. A mechanic by profession, Maynard was not only delighted to be the first winner but also pledged to continue looking every day.

“I had been paying attention to the clues from the first day it started trying to figure out the answers,” explained an elated Maynard. The Shop Hill resident continued, “When I heard that the clue was ‘and a hard place’ I knew ‘De Brudda’ would have been in Rock Hall and immediately headed that direction, asking every man, woman and child along the way until I found the right person.”

“We wanted to create something with a genuine Bajan flavour in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Independence,” remarked Digicel CEO Conor Looney. “Partnering with Red Plastic Bag, a longstanding Digicel Ambassador to localise the fugitive was the perfect solution. We decided to theme the promotion after the popular song ‘Can’t Find Me Brudda.’”

Commenting on the hive of activity caused by the promotion, Stedson ‘RPB’ Wiltshire said, “I was excited to be a part of their 50th anniversary activities. The frenzy that Can’t Find Me Brudda has created is phenomenal and it is synonymous of the Digicel brand.”

Persons interested in getting the clues on their device before they are announced on air can register their device by texting the word “HUNT” to the number 2583. Once completed the clues will be sent to their phone each day, 15 minutes before the clue is revealed. Additionally, persons can also text where they think the Digicel Fugitive is hiding to the number 4868 for a chance to win $100 per clue. 

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Can't Find Me Brudda