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Barbados' fastest LTE network

Digicel LTE delivers a faster, richer and smoother mobile data experience. Watch your favourite streaming content come alive in High-Def, go-live, share photos and video messages, upload and download large emails and files faster than ever before.  


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Let's get you ready to Get Lit with LTE

It's easy!

•  Ensure your device is compatible with Digicel LTE - Band 17 (700MHz) and Band 2 (1900MHz).

•  LTE SIM required (most customers have one, some may need to visit a store for an upgrade).

•  Select 'LTE' in your phone setting. Here's how: 

Please note you will need the latest iOS system.  


Need more help? Learn more here or visit one of our stores.

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Get nuff data, unlimited WhatsApp messaging plus unlimited talk and text

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Get the best combination of postpaid bundles so you’ll always be in control of how much you spend.

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Think faster. Stream faster. Be faster. Get the latest smartphones that work best with Digicel LTE.  

Know more about LTE

LTE brings you superfast data that’s three times faster than Digicel 4G. No more buffering or loading – just explosive video streaming with crisp, clear images, video calling, messaging and browsing. 


Existing Prepaid customers will not need to get an LTE SIM Card. Those who are not using a USIM will need to obtain a new SIM card. (Must have an LTE capable device with LTE settings turned on)

New Prepaid customers will automatically obtain an LTE SIM card to use the LTE service.

Existing Postpaid customers will need to obtain a new LTE SIM card in our stores to access the LTE Network. 

New Postpaid customers will automatically obtain an LTE SIM card to use the LTE service.  


Although LTE is a data-centric network, customers retain all existing voice and SMS functionality. LTE allows faster use in the transfer of data files, etc., but does not impact voice service or quality in any way. Voice will remain on the 2G network.


If you move out of an LTE coverage area, no worries! We have a fully functioning 4G and 2G network running parallel to the LTE Mobile network. Your device automatically connects to the 4G or GPRS/EDGE network until the LTE network is available again. 


Digicel LTE service does not cost more than the other data services. You can enjoy our LTE service with our existing plans. Our newest plans also give you certain  unlimited apps and rollover data, so you  get even more enjoyment out of the LTE network without needing to pay for more data.   


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