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1. How do I send a text message to another Digicel number?

It's easy! Simply compose your text message and either send it to the Digicel number or find the number in your phoneback. 

2. What's the longest text message that I can send and receive? 

160 characters long - and this includes spaces and punctuation. However, some handsets allow you to type messages over 160 characters. In this case, the message will be broken up and sent as separate messages of up to 160 characters each and you will be charged for each text message. 


3. What if someone tries to send me a text message and my phone is either turned-off or out of coverage? 

The message will be stored for 8 days. If at any time you still have not accessed the message it will be deleted. If the sender has their delivery notifications turned-on they will receive a message to this effect. 

4. Who can I retrieve text messages from? 

You can retrieve text messages from other Digicel customers or from mobile users from many international networks.

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