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Mobile Email

1. How do I receive e-mails on my Digicel mobile?

When persons are sending you an e-mail from a PC to your mobile, the person must:

  1. Send the message to your mobile email address: i.e. If your mobile number is 260 5006, the person must send the message to:
  2. Type the subject in the subject area of the e-mail 
  3. Type the message in the message area
  4. Send the message
  5. Once an e-mail is sent to you at your Digtextbb address, you will receive a message notification.
  6. You can then access the e-mail in exactly the same manner that you access a digitext message.
  7. When you open the e-mail message, you will see the e-mail address of the person that sent you the e-mail at the top of the screen followed by the message.

2. How do I send an e-mail from my Digicel mobile for the first time? 

  1. Go to the menu option to write a message.
  2. The first line of the message must be the e-mail address of the person you are writing to, followed by the title/subject of the message.
  3. The actual message can then follow.
  4. When typing the title/subject of the e-mail, ensure it is enclosed in brackets. E.g.
  5. Now type your e-mail. (i.e. outside of the brackets) e.g. Hi June, how are you?
  6. Once you have finished typing the message, press Send.
  7. Send message to 555.
  8. The message is now forwarded to the Messaging Centre and from there the message will be delivered to the addressee.
  9. You will know it has reached the Messaging Centre, when you get the confirmation, "Message Sent".
  10. After you have sent the message, you can now store the e-mail address (after deleting the message you just sent) in your phone book for easy use next time.

Note: When sending e-mail messages, the length can be no more than 160 characters. This includes both the e-mail address and blank spaces.

3. How do I store e-mail addresses in my handset?

  1. Go to the menu option to write a message
  2. Type in the e-mail address
  3. Press "save message"
  4. The message is now stored in your message outbox.
  5. Please note that the e-mail address is stored on your SIM Card on not on the handset.
  6. So if you change handsets, your e-mail addresses go wherever your SIM Card goes.

4. How do I send an e-mail from my Digicel mobile using an e-mail address that I have stored before?

  1. To access the stored e-mail address, go to your outbox
  2. Press Edit
  3. Type your new message after the e-mail address <#>e.g.
  4. When finished typing the message
  5. Press SEND
  6. Send to 555
5. Can I reply to an e-mail message? 
  1. Open the message that you want to reply to
  2. Erase the message that was sent to you...erase the message only. Make sure to leave the e-mail address of the person that sent the message;for example, if the e-mail message is: Hi June, I hope you are fine.
  3. Erase: (Hello) Hi June, I hope you are fine.
  4. Your message should then look like this:
  5. Type the title/subject of the e-mail. Ensure it is enclosed in brackets.
  6. Now you can type your response. (i.e. outside of the brackets)

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