D'Music FAQs

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d'Music FAQs

1.      What is d’Music?

d’Music is a digital streaming music service with a catalogue of over 20 million songs that allows you to stream, listen, and download music at your convenience.  In order to use d’Music, you will need to have either a Top Chart or Premium music plan.

d’Music is available as a mobile App on Android and iOS devices, or through a Web platform, even on mobile devices and tablets, at www.digicelmusic.com.

2.      How does d’Music work?

It’s simple! Customers can either:

  • Download the d’Music app from the Google Play or the Apple store or browse www.digicelmusic.com
  • Purchase a d’Music plan in-app or from the USSD, UMM or MyDigicel app

Once completed, customers can then sign in with their Digicel ID and start to stream, download and listen to their favourite music.

3.      Is d’Music available to all Digicel customers?

Yes. The d’Music service is available to all Digicel customers that has a music plan.

4.      What experience will I have with d’Music?

d’Music is available as a Top Chart or Premium experience. See below details

Top Chart Experience

Ability to save 240 songs in 6 playlist per week PLUS access to the complete catalogue of over 20 millions of tracks

  • Change every single playlist after 7 days
  • Top 5 Music Videos in streaming
  • News feed 

Premium Experience

Top chart experience PLUS

  • Access to Unlimited Playlists
  • Ability to create playlists
  • Access the service on www.digicelmusic.com; you can use the same account simultaneously on mobile app and on web.

5.      What are the available music plans?

d’Music plans fall under on of the following categories:

  • A Standalone Music subscriptions with a clear price
  • Prepaid Bundles and Postpaid Bundle plans e.g. Data bundle with Music included
  • Add-On Music Plan for customers with Top Chart music bundle who want access to Premium music experience

For plans specific to your country, please locate on your local Digicel website.

6.      What is the charge to subscribe to d’Music? 

Available plans and respective pricing vary by country.  For plans specific to your country, please locate info on your local Digicel website.

7.      How do I know that I have been activated on the service?

Upon activation of the service, customers will receive an SMS confirmation message.

8.      How do I know which plan I am on, or change plan?

Customers can either check or change their plan in the app by selecting:

  • Menu
  • Then, “My Profile”

You can also view your plan in the My Digicel app.

9.      If I change my subscription before my existing plan ends, will I get my money back on my existing plan?

No. If you change your subscription before the end of the service period, you will lose your subscription on the original plan.

10.  If I change my subscription, will I have access to the downloads I peformed previously?

No, downloads only remain if you do not change your subscription type.

For example: If you change your 7 day subscription to a 30 day one or vice versa, but it is within the same type of music plan (Premium or Top Chart), you will keep the downloads.

However, if you switch from Top Chart to Premium or vice versa, your downloads will not remain stored.

11.  Is there an expiry period for the activation of the d’Music service?

Yes. Your subscription is valid for the duration of days in the music plan that was activated/ renewed. Therefore, as long as you are active on your music plan, d’Music will always work.

  • NB: d’Music plans will autorenew if you have sufficient credit at the time of renewal.

12.  Will I have access to songs I would have downloaded after my plan expires?

No. When a plan expires, customers will not have access to songs that were downloaded previously. Once a new plan is activated, you will have access to your songs again.

13.  How do I renew the d’Music subscription?

d’Music subscription renewal is automatic for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.  Prepaid customers must have sufficient credit on their account at the time of renewal.

14.  How do I know that my plan will be renewed?

Customers will be notified of the plan renewal via SMS before the plan expires.

15.  How do I know that the subscription has been successfully renewed?

Once your plan is renewed, you will receive an SMS confirmation message.

16.  What happens if I do not have sufficient credit to renew my subscription at the time of renewal?  

If at the time of renewal and sufficient funds are not available, the plan renewal will fail and customers will not be able to use their d’Music service.

  • NB: For some Digicel markets, the system will automatically retry after a time specific period and your service resumes.  If there is no automatic retry in your country, simply sign up again to regain access to your d’Music service!

17.  How can I opt out from the d’Music service?

All prepaid and postpaid customers can opt-out of a d’Music plan via the My Digicel app. Only prepaid customers will be able to use the UMM menu service to opt out of the d’Music plans at this time.

18.  Can I opt out of the d’Music service before the music plan expires?                       

Customers can request to opt-out prior to the renewal date of their d’Music service. However, you can enjoy your d’Music plan until the next sheduled renewal date of your plan, following your request to opt-out.

19.  Can I continue listening to music without subscribing for the service?

No. Once your subscription ends you will not be able to access the d’Music service.

20.  Do you need WiFi to access the d’Music Premium Plan?

No. You will be able to acess the d’Music service using Digicel’s data service or over a WiFi network.

21.  What type of music can I stream from d’Music?        

d’Music has over 20 million tracks in genres such as:

  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • RNB
  • Rap
  • Reggae Dancehall
  • Electronic
  • Reggaeton
  • Alternative & many more

22.  Can I use my d’Music account from several devices simultaneously?

No. Your d’Music account can only be accessed from one device at a time.

23.  Can I use d’Music while roaming?

Yes. All Digicel customers will be able to access their d’Music account while abroad, but applicable data charges will apply.  

  • Be sure to download all your tracks to listen to offline so that you won’t have any data charges while you are roaming.  You will have access to the content from your home country wherever you go!

24.  Can I listen to d’Music offline?

Yes, persons can listen to d’Music offline once they have downloaded the music from the app. Remember you can download music over a data service or over a Wi-Fi network.               

25.  Is there a limit on the number of playlists that I may have?

Yes. Customers are allowed to have a maximum of 6 playlists for Top Chart Plan while you can have unlimited playlists for the Premium Plan. 

26.  Is there a limit on the number of songs that I may download?

No. There is no restriction on the number of songs that can be downloaded on either the Top Chart or Premium plans.  The real limit is the memory of your phone!

27.  If I forget the my Digicel ID password to use the D’Music service, where can I access this?

If a customer forgets their password to access the service, simply go to the My Digicel app and select the “forget password’ option. They will receive a verification code via text message advising them to reset your password.

28.   What should I do if I change my mobile number and no longer have the number my account is attached to?

d’Music service is tied to your mobile number.  If you decide to change your number, you will have to sign up for a new service on your new mobile number. Once your old number is recycled, your old d’Music account will be deleted.

29.   What should I do to get access to my d’Music account if I lose my phone?

Your d’Music account is not tied to your phone, but rather to your mobile number.  While we encourage customers to follow the steps necessary to secure your mobile number, you can access your d’Music account from any other phone. Premium customers can also access the service via a PC.

30.   Is there any Terms and Conditions for the d’Music service?

The below terms and conditions are applicable:

  • Digicel hereby specifically reserves the right to terminate, cancel, suspend and/or modify the Promotion/Product if any fraud, virus or other technical problem corrupts the administration, security, safety or proper play of the Promotion/Product as determined by Digicel in its sole discretion. In such event, Digicel hereby specifically reserves the right (but not the obligation) to award some other prize hereunder as determined by Digicel in its sole discretion.
  • Digicel reserves the right to at any time vary the terms of the Promotion/Product, to amend its Terms and Conditions, or to withdraw the Promotion/Product. In any of these events notice will be given via media advertisements or messages to subscribers and will be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.


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