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1. What is DigiChat? 

DigiChat is an innovative text based service from Digicel that’s easy to use and great fun.

2. What is the benefit of DigiChat?

DigiChat allows users to chat with up to 30 other users in chatrooms using their Digicel mobile phone (It is based on a series of commands that are sent as an SMS message and sent to 2428).

3. How do I find out how many people are chatting? 

  1. Go to your text messages
  2. Go to write messages
  3. Type LIST
  4. Send to 2428

You will then get a message back listing all the chatrooms and how many people are in each room.

4. Is there a charge to utilise chatrooms?

You only get charged the rate for one SMS message BBD 0.21.

5. Do I pay for messages received? 

No, you do not pay for messages that you receive.

6. What kinds of chatrooms are there? 

There are different types of chatrooms, including:

  • Sports
  • General
  • Music
  • Bible

7. Is it available for all Digicel customers?

 Yes, it is available for both postpaid and prepaid Digicel customers.

8. What is my nickname when I first sign in?

Your nickname is the last four digits of your phone number. It will stay like that until the user changes it.

9. Do I have to change my nickname every time I join a chat room?

 No, once you have changed your nickname the system will remember your nickname.

10. Do I need to set up my nickname every time I log in?

 No your nickname will be retained until you change it.

11. Can I create my own private room?

Yes, you can create your own room and invite your friends to join you but it will still be open for other chatters to join.

12. How many days does the room I have created stay active?

 It will stay active but will not appear in the “LIST” when it has been inactive for more than 24 hours.

13. Can chatters have the same nicknames?

Yes, you can have more than one (1) chatter with the same nickname.

14. If I send “EXIT” and later I want to join the last room I was in do I send “JOIN” again?

 No, you can just send any word and you will enter in the last room you were in.

15. Do I have to type all the letters in capital letters?

No, it can be either capital letters or small letters.

16. How long can I stay in a chatroom without sending a message?

Users can stay up to 24 hrs without sending any messages, after 24 hrs they will receive a message that they no longer are in the chat room. To rejoin the chat room just simply send anything and the user will be back in the last room they were in.  

17. Is the chatroom censored?

If a user is reported to be abusing the service we will bar them from future use of the service. Obscene or inappropriate words will be blanked out and a warning sent to the sender. This service is governed by the Terms and Conditions of your phone service. It is offered in a quasi-public forum and Digicel is not responsible or liable for the content. Users of the service agree not to use the forum to defraud abuse, annoy, threaten or harass any other person.

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