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1. What is Credit Advance?

Digicel’s Credit Advance service allows select prepaid customers an opportunity to request credit (Airtime) in advance and pay for it later. This service will also attract a service fee.

2. How does Credit Advance work?

Prepaid customers will be notified via an SMS text message or End of Call Notification messages that the Credit Advance service is available. Customers will be able to access an amount of BBD 9.00 they can request at as an advance on their credit. A service charge of BBD 1.00 will be charged on all Credit Advance requested. Prepaid customers are required to dial *144# to initiate the Credit Advance service and follow the instructions received via SMS message.

  • Customers will only be able to request one Credit Advance at a time, as they would be required to clear the previous advance before they are able to request another.
  • Credit sent using Credit U Top Ups cannot be used to repay outstanding Credit Advance amounts. However customers may use all other Top Up methods for repayments.
  • The Bonus applied to a customer’s first Top up will not be applied to loan repayments.

For example: If a customer has an outstanding credit advance of BBD 9.00 (BBD 9.00 loan amount + BBD 1.00 loan fee) and Top up with BBD 2.00 for the first time for the month, BBD 2.00 (Main Account) will go towards repaying the outstanding loan amount.

3. Will customers require a minimum amount of credit on their account to access a Credit Advance?

No. Customers will be able to request an advance regardless of their account balance.

4. How do customers sign up or request a Credit Advance?

Customers may dial *144# and follow the instructions that will appear via SMS text message.

5. How long will the Credit Advance service be offered?

The Credit Advance service is an ongoing product that is available to all Prepaid customers.

Digicel reserves the right at any time, with or without notice, to vary the terms and conditions or to withdraw the Credit Advance service.

6. How do customers check their Credit Advance balance?

Customers will be able to check their Credit Advance balance via the USSD Menu string *120#.

7. Is there a validity period before I can request another Credit Advance?

Customer can only request 1 Credit Advance in 24 hours.  After this time the Credit Advance service will expire and the customer must top up their account in order to activate and receive a full loan of BBD 9.00 otherwise they will receive the advance less what is owed when next they activate the credit advance service.


  • Customer requests a credit advance on Monday 12pm. 
  • Credit advance requested deactivates on Tuesday at 12pm. 
  • Customer has not used all of the credit loaned and has a balance of -$2.00.  
  • If the customer requests another credit advance the customer will receive BBD 7.00 which is equal to 9.00 minus owed amount of BBD 2.00

8. How do customers repay their Credit Advance?

Customer will repay their Credit Advance on the next top up(s) made after a credit advance was received. Only the recharge amount will be applied to the credit advance balance.

9. What happens if the next top up made is insufficient to repay the Credit Advance?

If a customer’s next Top up is not sufficient to repay the Credit Advance, any subsequent top ups made will go towards clearing any outstanding balance.

10. How does a customer repay the service fee for Credit Advance?

Service fees will be deducted from recharges after the Credit Advance amount is fully repaid.

N.B Only recharge amounts are applied to loan and fee repayments.

11. If my account has a negative balance, can I still make calls?

No. If a negative balance is shown on a customer’s phone that means their credit advance service has expired and reflects money owed. Customers will not be able to make calls, send texts or use data unless they are on a bundled plan which has bundled minutes, texts or data remaining.  In the event there is no existing plan active, the customers can only receive calls or texts.


12. If a customer makes a partial payment on an outstanding Credit Advance will they be able to make another loan request?

Yes. Another Credit Advance service can be activated however the customer will not be able to use past the maximum credit owed - BBD -9.00.

13. Can a customer’s Credit Advance amount be repaid with credit that was on their account prior to a Top up?

No. Only recharge amounts can be used towards loan repayments.

For example: A customer has BBD 50.00 on their main balance prior to requesting a Credit Advance of BBD 9.00 with a loan fee of BBD 1.00. If the customer should make a top up of BBD 20.00, only the recharge amount of BBD 10.00 will be used towards repaying the outstanding amount.

14. If there is an outstanding balance owed on a previous Credit Advance transaction, will I still be able to apply for another one?

Yes. Another Credit Advance service can be activated however the customer will not be able to use past the maximum credit owed - BBD -9.00.

15. What top up methods can be used to repay Credit Advance taken?

All top up methods (plastic & electronic) can be used to repay advances with the exception of Credit U top up method.

  • Direct Top up
  • Online Top up

16. If a customer receives credit via Credit U, will it go towards repaying an outstanding Credit Advance balance?

No. Credit received via the Credit U service will not go towards the repayment of an outstanding advance.  Customers must make a valid top up to repay the advance.

17. Will customers be able to request a Credit Advance while roaming?

Yes. Customers can request a Credit Advance while roaming, noting that if the customer has an outstanding Credit Advance balance it will be deducted from any top ups made while roaming. 

18. Are there any restrictions for the use of the credit received from a Credit Advance request?

  • All calls made from the Credit Advance service will be rated in accordance with the prevailing rates, charges and taxes applicable to the prepaid plan to which the Customer is subscribed.
  • Credit Advance can be used for: On-Net Digi to Digi calls, Off-Net calls, International calls, Text messages (local and international destinations), and Subscription plan purchases (international plans or data plans).
  • Credit Advance repayments can be made from regular top up methods (EPIN, EMIDA & Online (credit u does not repay the loan amount or 1.00 subscription fee, this will be taken from the next standard top up). 
  • Customers can request a Credit Advance while roaming, noting that if the customer has an outstanding Credit Advance balance it will be deducted from ANY top ups made whilst roaming. 
  • Customers can check the amount taken on a Credit Advance by dialing *120# as with normal credit checks.
  • Credit Advance balances cannot be used for calls made to toll free numbers and special number such as 411 (directory assistance) nor used to participate in text 2 win promotions, Digi Info service, Digi Chat service, and cannot be used for Pay as You Go (PAYGO) data browsing.

19. If a customer has bonus credit or a calling plan available from various promotions in addition to their Credit Advance balance what is the priority for charging?

If a customer has international calling plan minutes, Best Friend For Free bonus and Diaspora triple/ double bubble bonus credit they will be used before the Digi Loan balance.

20. Can a Credit Advance expire?

No. The credit received from the Credit Advance request will not expire and will remain on the account until it has been used.

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