Postpaid Billing

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Postpaid Billing


1. What is Digicel Postpaid?

Digicel Postpaid allows a customer to pay for the service after they have used it. This means, any calls made throughout the month are billed at the end of the month. Postpaid customers will receive a monthly bill that will reflect the outstanding charges incurred for the previous month. 

In order to sign up for a Digicel Postpaid account, customers are required to pay a security deposit and also have a Credit Check performed which will then determine the customer’s credit history. Additionally, they must bring a form of Identification with them in order to sign up for an account

2. What is a Credit Limit?

All Digicel Postpaid customers are assigned a monthly credit limit which is designed to control the usage on a customer’s account. Upon reaching 75% of your credit limit, customers will receive an SMS notification message advising them that they have used up most of their limit and can be barred from making chargeable calls.

Please note that customers will receive another message at 95% and 100% of their usage.

3. How can I check my balance on my postpaid account?

Customers can check their balances by dialing the shortcode *130# and see the balance reflecting on the screen.

4. How often will I receive a bill?

Digicel postpaid customers will receive a bill on a monthly basis. Bills are generally issued during the first week of the next month.


5. How will I receive my bill?

Monthly bills can be received either via email or post. Customers also have the option of viewing their bills online via our Online Bill View application.

6. How long do I have to pay my bill?

All Digicel postpaid bill payments are due by the 27th of the month.

7. How can I pay my bill?

Customers have a number of options for paying their bills:

  • Any branch of Nova Scotia
  • Any branch of Barbados National Bank
  • Any branch of RBTT
  • Any Post Office
  • Any Sure Pay Outlet
  • Any Bill Express Outlet
  • Digicel Corporate Office

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Postpaid Billing