Games Club - Frequently Asked Questions

Games Club

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Digicel’s “Games Club” service?

The “Games Club” service allows prepaid and postpaid customers to enjoy unlimited access to exclusive games for a subscribed period. 


2. Who is eligible to subscribe to the Games Club?

All Digicel customers, including postpaid, prepaid, dual and hybrid customers are eligible to subscribe to this service on their data enabled device. 


3. How do I subscribe for this service?

  • Upon texting the word JOIN to 9072 you will receive a SMS with the WAP site link for the “Games Club” service. 
  • There is a NO charge applied for sending the SMS. Once the link is selected you will be diverted to the Games Club WAP site.
  • Upon accessing the site your device and phone number will be automatically detected and available games will be displayed as well as the option to subscribe. 
  • Subscription can be completed on the WAP site once same is launched.
  • Subscription can also be completed via the games downloaded from the Games Club service.

Subscription Keyword



1 Day Subscription


7 Day Subscription


30 Day subscription


Note: Games can be downloaded without subscribing; however you will not be able to play game until a subscription is purchased.


4. How does the “Games Club” service work? 

All Digicel Customers are eligible to subscribe for this service using their data compatible device. Upon visiting the Games Club portal the handset and phone number being used will be detected and available games displayed for the device. An option will be provided to choose the subscription of your choice.

Games can be downloaded without a subscription;  However once the games are launched the subscription feature will be available as the game will not start without a subscription.


5. What are the available subscriptions? 

Available subscription below:

Available Subscription



1 Day Subscription

BBD 0.40

7 Day Subscription

BBD 2.00

30 Day subscription

BBD 8.00


6. What message do I receive when I subscribe for the service?

Upon successfully subscribing you will receive a message similar to the following, 

“Welcome to Games Club. You have been charged BBD 0.40/Daily for Games Club. To Download Games for free visit To unsubscribe send STOP to 9072” 


7. How do I unsubscribe from this service?

To unsubscribe, you may text STOP to 9072. 

You can also unsubscribe via the ‘My Account’ tab on the Games Club portal.

Note: There is no charge to exit the service.


8. Will I be able to download Games from the “Games Club” without subscribing for the service?

Yes. Games can be downloaded without a subscription.

Note: No access to play the downloaded game will be allowed without a subscription.


9. Will I be able to access downloaded games after my subscription expires? 

No. Once subscription expires, access to play the downloaded games will not be granted until another subscription is completed.