Postpaid Plan Changes FAQs


Postpaid Plan Changes

Frequently Asked Questions



Launch Date: August 15, 2023

Service Type: POSTPAID

Customer Type: Postpaid – Existing Customers


1.      What are the Postpaid plans changes all about?

Effective August 28th selected Postpaid plans will be upgraded and price adjusted.


2.      What does this mean for you?

Digicel aims to provide the best possible Digital experience through our plans. In-line with our promise to always remain transparent and never charge any hidden fees you would have received an SMS informing you of the changes to your current postpaid plan.

Customers on any of the selected plans will enjoy either an increase allotment Data or more Minutes.


3.   What is the reason for the plan Upgrade?

To ensure that we continue to deliver the high-quality service you deserve, we have been making substantial investments in our network infrastructure. These investments include expanding our coverage, improving network capacity, and deploying advanced technologies to support the increasing Data needs of our customers.

 In order to sustain and further enhance the reliability, speed, and coverage of our network, it has become necessary to adjust the pricing of our service plans.


4.      When will the upgraded Legacy plans take effect?

The price adjustment will take effect from Aug 28th, 2023 and the change will be reflected on your Invoice Sept 28th bill due on or before Oct 27th.


5.      What is the notification period?

The notification period is Aug 17th to Sept 27th .  The payment for this bill is due on or before Oct 27.


6.      What happens to my package if I am on one of the old Legacy Postpaid plans?

Changes to the plans will be in effect from August 28th for customers on the selected plans.


7.      Is there any additional value I receive from Digicel?

Yes, each customer impacted by the postpaid plan changes would have received an SMS from us outlining the specific details of their plan upgrade and price change which include additional Data or Minutes.


8.      Will my unused Minutes and Data from my old Postpaid plan rollover?

Yes, your unused Minutes and your unused Data from your old postpaid plan will rollover. However, if your account becomes two-way barred (i.e. cannot make or receive calls) due to outstanding payments, your rollover Data and Minutes will be lost.


9.      When my Bundles are depleted, will I have to wait for the new cycle in order to get Minutes or Data?

You will have three options, one to browse at out of Bundle rates, two wait until the new cycle starts or upgrade your price plan to one of our new Prime Bundles.


10.  Can I sign up for any of the Postpaid plans?

Yes, the Prime Fresh $100 or Prime Luxe $170 plans are available for new subscribers.


11.  Will customers be able to change their package?

Yes, customers who would like to discuss the best plan for their usage habits can chat with an agent at or call 530-3444/530-7000 from 8:00am- 8:00pm daily to schedule a call back from a dedicated Customer Plan Specialist.


12.  Is there a Price Plan closer to the original price customers can switch to?

The price adjustment affects selected Price Plans. Customers can view our current plan catalog located on our website to select one to which they can switch.



13.  Is there a code to check my Bundled Minutes and Data?

Yes, the USSD code to check your Bundled Minutes and Data is as follows:

Voice and Data Bundle - *130# or via MDA


14.  Can I use my Legacy Bundle Plan data and minutes allowance while roaming?

No, any data quota received from these Bundles is for local Data use only. Roaming will be charged at out of Bundle rates.


15.  How can customers contact us?

Customers have the following options to request further details:

·       Live Chat Agents are available 24/7 in the My Digicel App

·       Call 530-3444/530-7000 from 8:00am- 8:00pm daily

·       Retail Stores