DigiBoost with DigiLoan Advance

Frequently Asked Questions


Launch date:  April 14th, 2021 



USSD Codes: 


Activation and Plan Lock In Period

Sign-up/ Activation Code


Balance Check

*246# and the MDA


1.    What is DigiBoost with DigiLoan Advance? 

Digicel Loan Advance is a service which allows selected prepaid customers to request credit via DigiLoan Advance and pay for it later. To access the DigiLoan Advance, customers must be an active Digicel subscriber; the DigiLoan Advance has a service fee of 20% on any loan amount less than $10 and 10% on any loan amount $10 or more.


2.    How does DigiLoan Advance work?

·       Selected prepaid Digicel customers will be notified via text message that they are eligible for DigiLoan Advance service.

·       To make a DigiLoan Advance request customer must dial *246# and the menu will appear prompting the customer to enter 11 for the DigiLoan Advance offer. The customer will select Get DigiLoan and then choose a DigiLoan Advance amount then select 1 to confirm DigiLoan Advance request.

·        After confirming request the customer will receive a SMS confirming the DigiLoan Advance loan was applied to their account. The service fee for the Digiloan is 20% on any loan amount less than $10 and 10% on any loan amount $10 or more.

·       Customer would then repay their DigiLoan Advance loan on subsequent top ups.


3.    How long will the DigiLoan Advance service will be offered?

The DigiLoan Advance service is an ongoing product, that allow select prepaid customers to avail of the service offer based on predefine criteria.  


4.    How do customers sign up or request a DigiLoan Advance?

Customers may dial *246# to and select option 11 for the DigiLoan menu - they then select 1. Get Digiloan and follow the instructions that appear in the menu.


5.    How do customers check their balance?

Customers dial *246# and select the DIGILOAN option from the main menu to access the service – they then select 2.Get Detailed Balance to view their balance. They can also see the balances in MDA.




MDA balance check

DigiBoost Frequently Asked Questions

MDA Balance Check


6.     Can a customer apply for multiple Loan?

Yes, customer will have the ability to request multiple loans up to the value of the customer’s qualifying amount without having to repay the first loan.


7.     What happens if a customer cannot access the airtime loan service via *246#.

The service may be under maintenance or and temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


8.    Is there a fee to receive a DigiLoan Advance?

Yes. Every time the customer makes use of the service, they will be charged a service fee depending on the loan value they select.



Service Fee

Loan to be paid by customer

Loan allocated to account

$ 2.50

$ 0.50

$ 3.00

$ 2.50

$ 5

$ 1

$ 6

$ 5

$ 10

$ 1

$ 11

$ 10

$ 20

$ 2

$ 22

$ 20

$ 30

$ 3

$ 33

$ 30

$ 40

$ 4

$ 44

$ 40

$ 50

$ 5

$ 55

$ 50



9.     How do customers pay for the loan?

When a customer recharges their account, Digicel will deduct the loan amount as well as the service fee from the recharged amount.


10.    What happens if the NEXT top up made is insufficient to repay DigiLoan Advance loan?

If a customer’s NEXT top up is not sufficient to repay their DigiLoan Advance loan, then NEXT top up will go toward the repayment of outstanding loan and following top ups would also go towards repayment of outstanding loan until the loan is cleared.

For example: if a customer has a $50 DigiLoan Advance outstanding plus the $5 service fee and then does a top up of $40 dollar. That top up will go toward repaying the $50 loan firstly leaving a balance of $15 unpaid. This amount will be payable the next time the customer tops up, until the $15 is repaid.


11.    What top up methods can be used to repay a DigiLoan Advance loan taken?

All Direct Top up methods can be used to repay DigiLoan Advance loan. N.B Credit U transfers or bonus credit offers cannot be used to repay the loan.

Direct Top UP methods: Digicel Stores, Authorized Top up Resellers, Online Top up, Kiosks. 


12.    If a customer received a Credit U will it go towards repaying outstanding DigiLoan Advance balance?

No, only Direct Top up will be used for the repayment of the Digiloan.


13.    Will customers be able to use DigiLoan Advance while roaming?

No, unfortunately customer will not be able to use the DigiLoan Advance service while roaming. This service can only be used locally. However if the customer tops-up while roaming it will repay any outstanding DigiLoan.


14.    What can the Digiloan be used for?

Customers will be able to do the below with the digiloan:

- Call local on-net and off- net mobile and fixed line, off-net mobile and fixed line and internationals numbers with their DigiLoan Advance balance.

- Send SMS to on-net, off- net and international* numbers.


15.  What is the loan exemption is using the DigiLoan?

·       The DigiLoan Advance balance cannot be used for calls made to toll free numbers, nor used to participate in  Text 2 win promotion, Digi Info service, Digi Chat service, and cannot be used for Pay as You Go (PAYGO) data browsing.

·       The DigiLoan Advance balance cannot be transferred or sent via Credit U.


16.    If a customer has multiple bonus credit and bundle minutes credit from various promotions in addition to their DigiLoan Advance balance what will happen?

·       If a customer has International calling plan minutes, Top up bonus credit and diaspora triple/ double bubble bonus credit will be used before the DigiLoan Advance balance.


17.    How many times can a customer request a DigiLoan Advance?

Customers may request a DigiLoan Advance as many time as they wish, customer are given a total Qualified amount and once they reach the maximum they will be required to do an repayment before they have can get another DigiLoan Advance.


18.    If a customer makes a partial payment on an outstanding DigiLoan Advance will they be able to make another DigiLoan Advance request?

No, customers must repay all outstanding DigiLoan Advance balance before being able to make another request.


19.    Does the DigiLoan Advance balance expire?

No, the credit received from the DigiLoan Advance request will not expire. 


20.    What happens if a customer repays their loan before exhausting the credit received from the DigiLoan Advance request?

Nothing, credit received from DigiLoan Advance request will be available until it is used by the customer.


21.    What is the rate to make calls and send text messages from the DigiLoan Advance balance?

Rates charged from the DigiLoan Advance balance will be the same as the prepaid rate plan active on the customers’ accounts.