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Digicel Loan Advance is a service which allows selected prepaid customers to request credit via DigiLoan Advance and pay for it later. To access the DigiLoan Advance, customers must be an active Digicel subscriber; the DigiLoan Advance has a service fee of 20% on any loan amount less than $10 and 10% on any loan amount $10 or more. 

·       Selected prepaid Digicel customers will be notified via text message that they are eligible for DigiLoan Advance service.

·       To make a DigiLoan Advance request customer must dial *246# and the menu will appear prompting the customer to enter 11 for the DigiLoan Advance offer. The customer will select Get DigiLoan and then choose a DigiLoan Advance amount then select 1 to confirm DigiLoan Advance request.

·        After confirming request the customer will receive a SMS confirming the DigiLoan Advance loan was applied to their account. The service fee for the Digiloan is 20% on any loan amount less than $10 and 10% on any loan amount $10 or more.

·       Customer would then repay their DigiLoan Advance loan on subsequent top ups. 

The DigiLoan Advance service is an ongoing product, that allow select prepaid customers to avail of the service offer based on predefine criteria.  

Customers may dial *246# to and select option 11 for the DigiLoan menu - they then select 1. Get Digiloan and follow the instructions that appear in the menu.



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