Mi-Fi Device Gratis

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Ricibi bo Mi-Fi device GRATIS cu un LTE Data Plan di 30 dia ilimita!


Ricibi un Mi-Fi device GRATIS activando un LTE Data Plan ilimita di 30 dia!

Surf fasil riba internet y social media y haci uso di bo Mi-Fi device unda cu bo kier cu 3GB pa dia LTE Speed!

Cantidat di Mi-Fi devicenan gratis ta limita!


Wi'Fi: 802.11 b/g/n - 2.4 GHz

Micro SD: Si, te cu 32GB

Peso: 3.17 oz

Tipo di sim-card: Micro Sim

Bateria: 1800 mAh y te cu 7 ora di uso


Terms & Conditions

Get connected with Digicel’s Prepaid Unlimited Mifi Plan

How does my Mifi plan work?

The Mifi Plan: 30 Days, UNLTD LTE Internet is a 30 days data only plan where customers are given an Unlimited data allotment with a Daily Data fair usage policy of 3GB. After activating the Mifi service customer will have the opportunity of using their Mifi device as an internet hotspot. So in order to share their data with other devices, customers will have to share the password for others to connect.


Plan Type Plan Name Cycle Allowance Daily FUP Speed After Daily Quota Plan Cost
Prepaid 30 Days, UNLTD LTE Internet 30 Days Unlimited 3GB 512 kbps Afl 149,-
Plan Type
Plan Name
30 Days, UNLTD LTE Internet
30 Days
Daily FUP
Speed After Daily Quota
512 kbps
Plan Cost
Afl 149,-


Are Prepaid Mifi Plans available to all customers?

Yes, any customer can purchase our Prepaid Mifi offer by just visiting an authorized Digicel store with a Valid Id and paying the relevant fee of Afl 149,- 

How do I activate a Prepaid MiFi plan?

Activating a Prepaid Mifi plan is simple and easy. Visit the My Digicel app or my Digicel Web version at p.mydigicel.net and activate the 30 Days, UNLTD LTE Internet Plan under the Internet plans category 


How does my MiFi plan work?

The MiFi plan is a data only plan where you are given an Unlimited data allotment with a Daily Data FUP which is valid for 30 days. This plan will renewed atomically every 30 days as long you have enough credit.

After activating the MiFi service, you will have the opportunity to use the MiFi device as an internet hotspot. MiFi devices work similarly to an internet router, so in order to share your data with other devices, you will have to enter the password on each device to connect.


How many devices can be connected to my MiFi service at the same time as a hotspot?

Customers who activate the MiFi plan can have a maximum of 15 devices connected at the same time. Customers are not permitted to charge others to access their MiFi service.


Can I make or receive calls with my MiFi device or with the MiFi plan?

No. You will not be able to make or receive calls from your MiFi sim.


Am I able to use the data while roaming?

No, if you activate a MiFi plan and you travel outside of your country (roaming) you will not be able to use any data from your plan.


When my MiFi plan expires, do I have to return my device?

No, if you do not renew your MiFi plan you do not have to return your MiFi device. Customers have the option to resume usage of their MiFi service and can do so by simply activating a new MiFi plan. If you choose not to repurchase a MiFi plan, you will no longer be able to access data therefore service connectivity will be unavailable.

What happens if my device stops working?

If the MiFi device stops working due to the fault of the customer, whether by damage, lack of care or misuse etc., the customer will have to purchase a replacement device to continue using the service.

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