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Loan credit from Digicel to make calls or buy a plan.

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Credit Advance

How does the CREDIT ADVANCE service work?

As a prepaid customer, CREDIT ADVANCE allows you to access credit loan amounts from as low as Afl 2.00 to a maximum of Afl 10.00 for a fixed loan fee of 10% of the loan amount.  Credit Advance can be used to purchase a plan, make calls and send text messages.  


How do I qualify for the CREDIT ADVANCE service?        

When a customer's account reaches zero balance they have the opportunity to activate the Credit Advance.  You can check your balance using *142# or use the My Digicel App.


How can I sign up for or request a CREDIT ADVANCE?   

To sign up to access our CREDIT ADVANCE service, please dial *170# or use the My Digicel App.


Credit Advance
Loan (Afl) Fee Amount (Afl)
2.00 0.30
Loan (Afl)
Fee Amount (Afl)
4.00 0.60
Loan (Afl)
Fee Amount (Afl)
6.00 0.90
Loan (Afl)
Fee Amount (Afl)
10.00 1.50
Loan (Afl)
Fee Amount (Afl)

How do I repay my CREDIT ADVANCE? 

Repayment of your CREDIT ADVANCE is done at your next top up. DataFlex top ups do not qualify for CREDIT ADVANCE repayment.


How do I check my CREDIT ADVANCE balance?                 

To check your CREDIT ADVANCE balance, dial *170# then select the option, “Get Loan Balance” from the CREDIT ADVANCE menu. You can also use the *170# code to access your CREDIT ADVANCE balance.  


Customers who try to request for a new loan with an open balance will get the following notification:

You still have an open credit balance from previous Credit Advance. Please Top-Up in order to clear this amount, so that Credit Advance can be activated again.


Customers with an open balance who top-up will get the following notification:

Thank you for Topping Up. Your outstanding amount of Credit Advance has been cleared.


Customers who Top-up with a voucher denomination lower than the amount owing will receive the following notification to do another Top-up:

  • ENG: Thank you for Topping Up, the amount was not sufficient to fully clear the amount owed for Credit Advance. Further top up required to clear outstanding amount
  • SPA: Gracias por recargar, el monto no fue suficiente para saldar el total adeudado a Credit Advance. Con la siguiente recarga deberas cubrir el resto del adelanto
  • PAP: Danki pa Top Up, e kantidat ku bo a rekarga no ta sufisiente pa kubri e montante di Credit Advance. Mas Top Up ta neserario pa kompleta e montante total
  • NL: Bedankt voor het opwaarderen, het is echter onvoldoende om het verschuldigde Credit Advance bedrag af te schrijven. Gelieve nogmaals uw tegoed opwaarderen


The Afl 10.00 is not showing when I use the USSD code *170#, why?

Afl 10.00 Loan is only available for Qualified based only.


How do I know if I’m qualified to activate the Afl 10.00?

You will need to have a Minimum of 3 months active in the base AND at least 1 top up per month (Afl 6.00 or more) over the last 3 months to be qualified.


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