Digicel Aruba’s first Corporate Breakfast was a success

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Digicel Aruba’s first Digicel Corporate Breakfast was a success

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – February 21st, 2018: Digicel Aruba held their first Digicel Corporate Breakfast on February 20th, 2018 at Hyatt Regency Resort, were they presented to their corporate customers and prospects about Digicel Business and what they have to offer. During the Corporate Breakfast the corporate Customers had the opportunity to receive information regarding tailored ICT solutions supporting their business. Digicel had the honor to have several speakers from  renowned companies at the Digicel Corporate Breakfast meeting: Digicel Aruba, Fortinet, Cisco, Avaya, Deloitte Dutch Caribbean and Aruba Networks.

Digicel Business’ specialists gave information on  how they developed from a mobile company, into an ICT service provider and already on the way to grow into a full service global entertainment provider. Not only Digicel presented capabilities, but also their four main partners, who are Cisco, Avaya, Fortinet and Aruba Networks provided information, and not only commercial but also informative.

A room filled with corporate customers received different presentations filled with valuable information about ‘Internet of Things’, innovations and how they can implement these in their day-to-day business.

Wanda Broeksema, CEO of Digicel Aruba spoke of Digicel Aruba and the competence of the Corporate Sales Team. She gave a special Thank You to all who were present to help make this Digicel Corporate Breakfast a success.

Brian Monpellier, Head of Business Sales Digicel Aruba, gave a presentation about the Digicel Business portfolio, the entire landscape of partners of Digicel Business, and he also pointed out why it is an advantage for companies to work with Digicel Business as their Global ICT partner. In order to solve current challenges, save costs, improve efficiency and how to be ready for the future.

Director Risk Advisory of Deloitte Dutch Caribbean, Roy Jansen, was one of the speakers and he gave information on ‘Internet of Things’, smart cities, Cyber security, risk management and (ethical) hacking. He gave different pointers the corporate customer can use in their daily work environment.

Aruba Networks spoke of their Mobile First Architecture and “Customer First – Customer Last” policy, location services portfolio of Aruba and the integration with ‘Clear Pass’ and ‘IntroSpect’ and its benefits.

Business partner Fortinet gave a presentation about all the different threats there are in an all connected world. Hence, how Fortinet has different solutions perfectly sized for all kinds of companies, small, midsize to large and enterprise. Those present received information on how to integrate third party equipment or devices and isolate several parts of a network in a case of a breach.

Digicel’s business partner Cisco presented what networking will look like in the future, intuitive and intent based. Learning and adapting to the way it is used. They also spoke of ‘Cisco ONE’, as Cisco is focusing more on. Cisco is moving away from “just” shoving boxes. Within Cisco One the licenses of routers/switches will be interchangeable, where making changes are cheaper and easier.

Avaya spoke of the growing demand and need of Artificial Intelligence in combination with IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Not as a technology, but because the behavior and demands of consumers and companies change more and more. In different steps and modules this can be implemented up until fingerprint, voice and/or face recognition or even number and/or  device recognition. They are developing these services,  not to push the technology but because the market demands it.

After the presentations, the speakers were available to socialize and answer the questions of curious customers. Many were interested in the innovations of internet and how it can help them in their business, so many meetings were scheduled for the days after the event. Digicel Aruba was happy to see that their first Digicel Corporate Breakfast was such a success.


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Digicel Aruba’s first Corporate Breakfast was a success