Fundacion CasMarie is happy with important donation from Digicel

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Fundacion CasMarie is happy with important donation from Digicel

Fundacion CasMarie lends support to patients living with dementia, and assists their relatives in the care process. A recent development in regards to a new program has made it necessary for the foundation to acquire a Google Nexus 6P to improve their internal communication. Therefore it is with much pleasure that Digicel Aruba has provided this device as a donation to the organization. The project is geared towards patients with dementia “phase I”.

The foundation have just initiating with a morning program that that will provide some free time to the relative taking care of the persons with dementia.

CasMarie also provides advice to the relatives of their clients, and with the Google Nexus 6P, they will be able to keep in touch with them using “voice”, and by means of their chosen social media platforms.

This device will also be applied for uploading of information on the progress of the project on Fundacion CasMarie’s Facebook page to keep the community inform of all developments, to create further awareness over this illness and to gather support by demonstrating the success of the program. 

Dementia is difficult to deal with and it affects the lives of everyone involved. It’s unbelievable how little awareness is being raised about this disease on the island, that’s why Digicel Aruba wants to take part in raising awareness of Dementia. We visited on the 11th of August, 2017, we were there for two hours in which we sang, did manual work, and helped in any way we could with their daily activities.

Digicel Aruba associates proudly cooperate with CasMarie and its clients; and consider it an honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to make this significant donation towards yet another successful program organized by the valuable organization.

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Fundacion CasMarie is happy with important donation from Digicel