Unlimited LTE Plans FAQs

Unlimited LTE Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new Unlimited LTE Plans?

Go Unlimited! Get the best LTE Data + Digi to Digi Calls with our new Unlimited LTE Plans.


Who can benefit from the new Unlimited LTE Plans?

All Digicel prepaid customers can enjoy the unlimited value of our Unlimited LTE Plans.


How many Unlimited LTE Plans can I choose from and what will I get with each one?

There are three (3) Unlimited LTE Plans to choose from:

Plans   LTE Data   Digicel Minutes   Mins to Other local networks   Rollover   Auto-renewal   Price 
Unlimited LTE 1 day    Unlimited   Unlimited  10 Mins  No  No  Afl. 10
Unlimited LTE Weekends   Unlimited  Unlimited  20 Mins  No  No  Afl. 15
Unlimited LTE Weekly  Unlimited  Unlimited  50 Mins   No  No  Afl. 40


How can I activate a New Unlimited LTE Plan?

You can activate any of our Unlimited LTE Plans via the My Digicel App at p.mydigicel.net, or by dialing *123# to access the prepaid service menu option 1 “Unlimited LTE”.


How will I know when my Unlimited LTE Plan is active?

You will receive a confirmation message to let you know that you're free to use your Unlimited Plan, this message will also include the expiration date.


How does my Unlimited LTE Plan works?

  • Unlimited LTE 1-Day plan: This plan will expires in 24hrs after activation, once your plan expires you can keep enjoying the unlimited experience by activating the plan again.
  • Unlimited LTE Weekends: This plan is available for purchases every day, however the usage window will be from Friday 8pm to Sunday 11:59pm.
  • Unlimited LTE Weekly: This plan will expires 7 days after activation, once your plan expires you can keep enjoying the unlimited experience by activating the plan again.


Can I buy an Unlimited LTE Plan on my blackberry?

No. Unlimited LTE Plans are not available for blackberry handsets


What happens when the off net local minutes from my unlimited plan are finished?

You can always activate another plan that gives you the benefit of calls to other local networks.


Will I incur charges once my plan is finished and my data session is still active? 

When your expires, you will receive a notification messages advising to buy another Unlimited LTE plan  data plan or keep browsing with standard rates of Afl$1.10 per MB.


Can I activate another Unlimited LTE Plan if I already have one active?

No. Since these plans are unlimited, you will not need to activate another one during the validity period of your active plan.


If I am on a call to other local network while using my plan, and my minutes run out, what happens to my call?

No worries. Your call will not disconnect. However, you will be charged for the remaining portion of the call at standard rates of Afl$0.90 per minute.    


Where can I check the balance of my plans?

Since your plans are unlimited, the balance check option for unlimited data and Digicel talk will not be available, however you can always check your remaining off net minutes via the My Digicel App at a.mydigicel.net or by using service menu *123# option 7.


How will I be notified when my Unlimited LTE plan expires?

Before your plan expires, you will receive a reminder letting you know that your plan is about to expire.


Does any of the unlimited plans automatically renew?

No, however these plans are always available for purchases.