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1.  What are the Quick Pick bundles?     

Quick Pick bundles are simply the coolest mix of data and talk that gives you unlimited Digicel minutes, text, data and free WhatsApp chat plus free unlimited Rollover of your unused minutes and data.  


2.  Who can benefit from the new Quick Pick bundles?

All Digicel prepaid customers can enjoy the value and convenience of our Quick Pick bundles.  


3.  How many Quick Bundles can I choose from and what will I get with each one?

There are three (3) New Quick Pick Bundles to choose from and customers will enjoy A LOT more data plus Whatsapp chat.  



Unlimited Digicel Minutes 

Unlimited Digi Text (SMS) 

Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging

Auto- Renewal 

Add-on Compatibility 


300MB, 1day







Afl 7

1.3GB, 7day

1.3 GB






Afl 29

4.0GB, 30day

4.0 GB






Afl 65


4.  Why should I buy a Quick Pick bundle?  

Because you get way more value. Unlimited Digicel minutes, WhatsApp chat, Digi Text and the right amount of data for customers who like to browse. Best of all, Unlimited Rollover of your unused minutes and data. 


5.  Can I activate a New Quick Pick bundle now?

Yes, you can activate any of our refreshed Quick Pick Bundles via the My Digicel App at, or by dialing *123# to access the prepaid service menu option 2 “Quick Pick Data & Voice Plan (Best Value)”.


6.  Why is my plan no longer available?   

You spoke. We listened. We've increase the data allotment of each Quick Pick Bundles that also gives you unlimited WhatsApp chat.


7.   Will my data rollover?

Absolutely, any unused data from your Data plan will rollover unlimited, once you purchase a new Data Plan or auto-renew before the active plan expires. If you renew your plan after expiration but before midnight of the same day, you can rollover a maximum of 15GB.         


8.  How do I activate a Bolt-On?

You can activate a Bolt-On using the My Digicel App at or dial to our service menu at *123# option 1 “Add More to My Plan (Bolt-Ons)”.


9.  How will I know when my Quick Pick is active?

We'll send a confirmation message to let you know that you're free to use your Quick Pick Bundle, this message will also include the expiration date.


10.  Can I buy a Quick Pick plan on my blackberry?

No. Quick Pick plans are not available for blackberry handsets


11.  If my Quick Pick Bundle expires, can I keep using my Bolt-on?

Unfortunately, no. Your Bolt-on will expire along with your Quick Pick bundle.


12.  What happens when the megabytes in my Quick Pick bundle are finished?

You'll receive a friendly text message giving you options to renew your Quick Pick Bundle or buy extra data (a Bolt-On).


13.  How many times can these bundles be activated?

As many times as you wish. As long as you have enough credit, you can choose a new Quick Pick Bundle, even while you have an existing plan or bundle. Voice and Data allotment will be accumulated and we will keep longest expiry date.


14.  Will I incur charges once my data is finished and my plan is still active?             

When your data allotment depletes, you will receive 3 notification messages advising to buy another bundle or data plan or keep browsing with standard rates of Afl$0.90 per MB.   


15.  Can I activate another Quick Pick bundle if I already have one active?

Sure. When you activate a Quick Pick Bundle while another is already active, you'll receive all the benefits of the new bundle and still be able to use both until each bundle expires on its own end-date.


16.  If I am on a call while using my Quick Pick bundle, and my minutes run out, what happens to my call?

No worries, if you're on a Digicel to Digicel call you can keep talking. Your call will not disconnect. However, you will be charged for the remaining portion of the call at standard rates of Afl$0.90 per minute.  


17.  Will my available minutes/data/sms on my current plan rollover to Quick Picks?

Sure. You get to keep your unused minutes and data when you activate another Quick Pick Bundle before expiry of the current bundle.


18.  What happens if I choose not to activate a Quick Pick Bundle?

Standard call charge of Afl$0.90 per minute will apply for Digicel local calls. Data will be charged at Afl$1.10 per megabyte.


19.  Where are my data and minutes displayed?

You can check your data and minutes balance via the My Digicel App at or by using service menu *123# from your phone and select the option 7 “Balances” (menu is subject to changes) to view the ‘Balance Check’ menu.  


20.  Do my data and minutes from the expired Quick Pick Bundle rollover onto my active Quick Pick bundle?

Yes, the unused data and minutes from the current Quick Pick Bundle will rollover to your new bundle if your active bundle was purchased 48 hours before your previous bundle expired.  


21.  How will I be notified when my Quick Pick Bundle expires?   

Before your Quick Pick Bundle expires, you will receive a reminder letting you know that your bundle is about to expire. If you do not activate a new Quick Pick Bundle, we'll send you another reminder, just in case you forget.  


22.  Does the Quick Pick Bundle automatically renew?

Yes, all our New Quick Pick Bundles will auto-renew as long as there is sufficient credit on your account. We encourage you to top up by visiting to to add more credit to your account.  


23.  Can I opt-out of auto-renewal?

Yes, you have 2 ways to opt-out of auto-renewal:

1.  By dialing from you’re the code that belongs to your plan:


 Code to opt-out

 1 Day- Pick Data + Talk


 7 Days - Pick Data + Talk


 30 Days - Pick Data + Talk


2.  You can also visit the My Digicel App at to view and manage your plan where you can also choose to opt-out of auto-renewal. 


24.  Am I able to use my Quick Pick Bundle after it expires?

No, after your Quick Pick Bundle expires, you lose all the benefits.


25.  How do I check the balance of minutes and data on my Quick Pick Bundle?

You have two ways:

·         Service Menu: *123# - press 4 to enter to “More Plans for You” menu, then press 6 to enter the “Balance” and expiry to see your available minutes and/or data balances.

·        My Digicel App – click on the app and go to ‘Accounts and Balances’.


Based on the tax law issued by the government of Aruba in 2019, Digicel is adjusting the plan prices to show the total amount including sales tax. BBO/BAZV/BAVP can no longer be shown separately and will be included in all communicated prices.


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