Pay My Bill

Pay My Bill

We have two ways to send you your Digicel invoice, one being digitally and send by email this invoice is referred to as Ebill. The other is the traditional printed invoice which you receive in your mailbox via Cpost. Due date of Digicel invoice is on the 21st of every month.

There are several methods by which you can pay your invoice. Each with their own timeline (processing time). Below you will find an overview of the different payment methods including their timelines so you know exactly how long it takes before your payment is processed.




These digital invoices are distributed to our customers between the 1st and 8th of each month


Printed invoices

Our aim is to have these to our customers before the 15th of every month.

We therefor encourage our customers to convert to Ebill. Besides the quicker distribution, it is environmental friendly and it saves customers ANG 5,- printed invoice charge.

Depending on your bank you can see below how easy it is to pay your monthly invoice and how much time it takes for a transfer to be completed.

A transfer is completed when Digicel receives the funds on the bank statement after which it is posted to your account.

Payment Methods

  Bank Method Location Time frame
1 MCB Direct Debit Digicel executes automatically Every (1) Hour
    Transfer to Digicel bank account At the Bank / from a computer 2 working days
2 BDC Direct Debit Digicel executes automatically 1 working day
    Transfer to Digicel bank account At the Bank / from a computer 1 working days
4 Vidanova Bank (SFT) Direct Debit Digicel executes automatically 2 working days
    Transfer to Digicel bank account At the Bank / from a computer 2 working days
5 RBC Transfer to Digicel bank account At the Bank / from a computer 2 working days
6 Stores Cash Store Prompt
    Debit Card / Credit Card Store Prompt
    Cheque Store Prompt
7 Several merchants with Pagomatikologo Pagomatiko (MCB) Several Merchants Every (1) Hour
8 Several merchants with Pagafasil logo Pagafasil (PSB) Several Merchants Every (1) Hour

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is our most convenient payment method. The customers signs up once and every month an automatic transfer is done.

A Direct Debit Mandate is available at all our stores or through your account manager. Additional documents needed are your ID and a header of your most recent bank statement showing the account number and that you are the account owner.


What is needed to apply:

·       Direct Debit form (available at all our stores)

·       Identification (ID, Driver license, Passport)

·       Header of your most recent bank statement (showing your bank account number, name and address – for verification purposes)


Transfer to Digicel Bank account

This can be done from the convenience of your home behind a computer or tablet or by visiting the cashier at your bank.

Here is a list of our accounts at several banks.


Bank information:

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank     153.67.209 
RBC Royal Bank                  80000000.54154.543                             
Banco di Caribe                   174120.500.001.100.01
Vidanova Bank (SFT)          0011318.000002


Beneficiary: Digicel Curacao

Address: Biesheuvel 24-25


IMPORTANT: Customers need to mention their Account No. ” 171xxxxxxxx, visible at the top right on the invoice.

When a customer has more than one account it is advisable to pay each one seperately, mentioning their respective account number.

Pagomatiko and Pagafasil

These are services that several merchants on the island give allowing customers to pay their bills.

Look for their logo at for example gas stations and convenient stores (toko’s).


Cash, cheque, debit or credit card

These payment methods can be used at each of our three Digicel stores.

But why wait in line if the other options are so much quicker.