LTE Internet Plans

Want to be online on your laptop or computer? Activate our LTE Internet plan!

Via a dongle or MiFi you get access to the Digicel LTE network.

Dongles and MiFi devices are available in the Digicel Stores.


Already have a dongle or MiFi and want to activate your plan?

No need to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Enjoy the fastest speeds with our LTE Prepaid Internet plans.

Visit the My Digicel app or my Digicel Web version at

LTE Internet Plans

Plan Name Duration Data Quota Subscription Fee
30 Days, 10GB LTE Internet 30 Days 10 GB Fl. 150.00
30 Days, 8GB LTE Internet 30 Days 8 GB Fl. 100.00
30 Days, 4GB LTE Internet 30 Days 4 GB Fl. 70.00
14 Days, 3GB LTE Internet 14 Days 3 GB Fl. 40.00
7 Days, 1GB LTE Internet 7 Days 1 GB Fl. 30.00
1 Day, 300MB LTE Internet 1 Days 300 MB Fl. 10.00

Key advantages of Digicel LTE Internet plans:

  ·   Access to Curacao fastest LTE network

  ·   Easy to set up

  ·   Increased productivity on-the-go

  ·   Island-wide coverage