Quick Pick Bundles

Enjoy the value and convenience of our Quick Pick bundles.

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You spoke. We listened

Enjoy the value and convenience of our Quick Pick bundles.

Every plan comes with: 


Unlimited Digicel Minutes

Unlimited Digicel Minutes


Unlimited Digicel Tex Messages

Unlimited Digicel Texts


Unlimited Social Apps

Unlimited Social Apps*

*Unlimited WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat  

Unlimited Rollover Data & Texts

Unlimited Rollover Data & Talk


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  • US$ 55.00
  • 4.5 GB Data

  • d'Music Premium Subscription

  • 1 Hour PlayGo daily access
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  • US$ 20.00
  • 1.5 GB Data

  • d'Music Premium Subscription

  • 1 Hour PlayGo daily access
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  • US$ 3.50
  • 200 MB Data

  • d'Music Premium Subscription

  • 1 Hour PlayGo daily access
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Boost your Quick Pick Bundle

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3 GB Data 150 Digicel Minutes Unlimited Digicel Minutes 100 Anywhere Minutes* Roam Like You're Home**
US$ 25.00 US$ 10.00 US$ 15.00 US$ 15.00 US$ 6.00
3 GB Data US$ 25.00
150 Digicel Minutes US$ 10.00
Unlimited Digicel Minutes US$ 15.00
100 Anywhere Minutes* US$ 15.00
Roam Like You're Home** US$ 6.00

*Anywhere minutes: Local fixed lines, other mobiles and 15 international countries (The Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, St. Maarten, Columbia, Bonaire, USA, Aruba, Suriname, China, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Canada.)
**Learn more about Roam Like You're Home here.


PlayGo app from Digicel.

Get 1 hour FREE every day when you purchase a Quick Pick Bundle


Watch live sports, regional events, local news, the hottest shows, movies and kids programmes whenever and wherever you want.


Want to relive the best TV and movie moments? Browse the On Demand library with over 4500+ hours of the most popular series and cinematic releases.   



Download the PlayGo app and watch live sports, regional events, local news and the hottest shows and movies.

Activate your prepaid plan easily with My Digicel App

Activate your plan easily with My Digicel App


  • Convenient access right at your fingertips
  • Top up from the App
  • Easily check your data balance and credit
  • Renew your plan or activate a new one





Learn more see all FAQs

Because you get way more value. Unlimited Digicel minutes, WhatsApp chat and voice, Digi Text and the right amount of data for customers who like to browse. Best of all, Unlimited Rollover of your unused minutes and data.  

Absolutely, any unused data from your Data plan will rollover unlimited, once you purchase a new Data Plan or auto-renew before the active plan expires. If you renew your plan after expiration but before midnight of the same day, you can rollover a maximum of 15GB.         

When your data allotment depletes, you will receive 3 notification messages advising to buy another bundle or data plan or keep browsing with standard rates of $0.36 per MB.  

Standard call charge of $0.40 per minute will apply for Digicel local calls. Data will be charged at $0.36 per megabyte.  

Sure. When you activate a Quick Pick Bundle while another is already active, you'll receive all the benefits of the new bundle and still be able to use both until each bundle expires on its own end-date.    

You spoke. We listened. We've increase the data allotment of each Quick Pick Bundles that also gives you unlimited WhatsApp voice.  

You'll receive a friendly text message giving you options to renew your Quick Pick Bundle or buy extra data (a Bolt-On).  

No. Quick Pick plans are not available for blackberry handsets.   

PlayGo app is a live streaming service with premium and exclusive TV and sports content including SportsMax, SportsMax 2, NBA TV, Catch and Catch 2. Customers get a free 2GB allowance and any additional data usages comes from your data plan. Customers can also connect to a Wi-Fi service to stream content without it impacting data usage. For more information got to http://www.playgo.tv/en/home.html  

d’Music is a digital streaming music service with a catalogue of over 20 million songs that allows you to stream, listen, and download music at your convenience.  In order to use d’Music, you will need to have either a Top Chart or Premium music plan.   d’Music is available as a mobile App on Android and iOS devices, or through a Web platform, even on mobile devices and tablets, at https://www.digicelmusic.com/    

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