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Every plan comes with Unlimited Rollover plus Unlimited Social:


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3 GB Data 150 Digicel Minutes Unlimited Digicel Minutes 100 Anywhere Minutes* Roam Like You're Home**
US$ 25.00 US$ 10.00 US$ 15.00 US$ 15.00 US$ 6.00
3 GB Data US$ 25.00
150 Digicel Minutes US$ 10.00
Unlimited Digicel Minutes US$ 15.00
100 Anywhere Minutes* US$ 15.00
Roam Like You're Home** US$ 6.00

*Anywhere minutes: Local fixed lines, other mobiles and 15 international countries (The Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, St. Maarten, Columbia, Bonaire, USA, Aruba, Suriname, China, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Canada.)
**Learn more about Roam Like You're Home here.


Activate your prepaid plan easily with My Digicel App

Activate your plan easily with My Digicel App


  • Convenient access right at your fingertips
  • Top up from the App
  • Easily check your data balance and credit
  • Renew your plan or activate a new one


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Because you get way more DATA for your money than with PAYGO, plus really cool features like unlimited WhatsApp chat, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Best of all, unlimited rollover of your unused data. Never lose what you don’t use!        

Absolutely, any unused data from your Data plan will rollover unlimited, once you purchase a new Data Plan or auto-renew before the active plan expires. If you renew your plan after expiration but before midnight of the same day, you can rollover a maximum of 15GB.          

Data will be charged at US$0.36 per megabyte.   

Unfortunately, no. Your Bolt-on will expire along with your Data Plan.    

You can activate a Bolt-On using the My Digicel App at p.mydigicel.net or dial to our service menu at *123# option 1 “Add More to My Plan (Bolt-Ons)”.  

You'll receive a friendly text message giving you options to renew your Data Plan or buy extra data (a Bolt-On).  

As many times as you wish. As long as you have enough credit, you can choose a new Quick Pick Data Plan, even while you have an existing plan, Data allotment will be accumulated and we will keep longest expiry date.          

No. Data plans are not available for blackberry handsets.    

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