International Call Bundle

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International Call Bundle

What are International Voice Bundles?

Digicel International Voice Bundles are calling plans that will allow prepaid customers to have free bundled minutes that may be used to call selected international destinations.

There are two types of International Voice Bundles

1.    Bundle of minutes for multiple destinations

2.    Bundle of minutes for one single destination


How do I activate the Digicel International Call Bundle service?                 

As a prepaid customer, simply dial *468# then press SEND.

Once the request is received you will receive instruction via text messages.


How does the Digicel International Calling Plan work?   

You will be able to make calls from your bundled minutes to the US, Canada, The Netherlands, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela. For calls made outside of the selected international numbers, regular international calling rates will apply.

As a prepaid customer, your unused minutes will automatically roll over to the following month once the plan is renewed before the expiry date. 


The available prepaid plan options are:

FIXED minute allowance

Plan Price

Activation for Feature Phones

Activation for Smart Phones

15 min


Dial *468*15#

Dial *123#

45 min


Dial *468*45#

Dial *123#

80 min


Dial *468*80#

Dial *123#

The above allocations of minutes are based on calls to FIXED numbers.


Calls to Mobiles get the following minute allowance:

DESTINATION $2.80 plan $8.50 plan $14 plan Activation for feature phones Activation for smartphones
15 45 80 Dial *468*15# Dial *123#
Colombia 14 41 72 Dial *468*15# Dial *123#
Dominican Republic 11 32 57 Dial *468*15# Dial *123#
Netherlands 9 27 48 Dial *468*15# Dial *123#
Peru 7 22 38 Dial *468*15# Dial *123#
USA 15 45 80 Dial *468*15# Dial *123#


Postpaid plan options last 30 days and include as part of the ALL IN ONE PLAN:

International calls to Fixed and Mobile Colombia, Digicel ABC, Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, USA & Venezuela


How do I check the balance on my Digicel International Calling Plan?

As a prepaid customer, you can check your International Calling Plan balance by dialling *468*<Plan id>#.


How do I purchase additional minutes?

To purchase additional minutes on your International Calling plan, dial *468*5*<plan id>#


How do I change plans?

To change your plan before it expires, please dial *468*5*<plan id>#

If you wish to change your plan after the renewal notification is received, please dial *468#

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International Call Bundle