Gift Of More Christmas 2018 FAQs

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Gift Of More Christmas FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chances to Win Promotion?                                                                                                                             

The Gift of More! Under the Chances to Win Promotion (the “Promotion”), from November 19, 2018 to January 06, 2019; top-ups of $20 or more, Quick Pick Data plan and Quick Pick Talk & Data bundles activations, Hybrid contract signing for example, “Activate a Medium Hybrid plan or higher” (the “Qualifying Event”) will give you a chance to win amazing prizes in weekly raffles and accumulate entries for the main prize.


What are the prizes that I can win?

·         Weekly prize consists of a cash prize of USD 200.00

·         The main prize is 1 Year Free Groceries.


Who can benefit from the Promotion?

All Digicel Prepaid and Hybrid customers will have the opportunity to get an entry in this Promotion for one chance to win a weekly prize. All customers will have a chance at winning the main prize of “FREE groceries for 2019”. Exceptions to participate in this Promotion are all Digicel Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao staff members, which included, but not limited to: Business & Tres Network staff.

Persons who are under the age of 18yrs can also participate in the drawing however prizes won by these persons can only be claimed in presence of one adult representatives, not being a Digicel or Tres Network staff member as abovementioned.


How can I participate in the raffle?

There are many ways to participate in the weekly raffle and the best of all is that every entry will be accumulated for the Main prize on January 6th, 2019 at 11.59 pm. (closing date)

Prepaid Customers will participate


Entries to participate in the raffle:

Top Up from USD 20

1 entry

Top Up from USD 25 or more

3 entries

7 Days, Quick Pick Data Plan

5 entries

30 Days, Quick Pick Data Plan

10 entries

7 Days, Quick Pick Talk & Data Bundle

5 entries

30 Day, Quick Pick Talk & Data Bundle

10 entries

Hybrid Medium and Large Plan Activation for 2yrs

15 entries



How does this Promotion work?

The Promotion will run from 12 a.m. on November 19, 2018 to 11.59 p.m. on January 6, 2018. During the Promotion, every Friday between 11 a.m. and 11:10 a.m., with the exception of the last draw date (the Main prize), Digicel’s Raffle Manager System will select a list of five (5) qualified customers. Only the first three customers will be contacted by a Digicel Marketing Representative in the order in which they were selected. If the first three customers are unreachable or unwilling to participate, the remaining customers will be contacted until a winner is found. Note that entries added to the weekly raffle after 11:59 p.m. on a Thursday will not be counted in the selection process taking place on the Friday following that Thursday between 11 a.m. and 11:10 a.m. These entries after 11:59 p.m. on a Thursday will be counted in the selection process for the following week’s raffle.


Why should I participate in this Promotion?                                                                                                      

Because you get a lot opportunities to win every week!! Don’t lose your chance and earn entries every week to participate in our weekly raffle and remember that all of your entries will be accumulative for the Main prize where you can be the winner FREE groceries for a year!




Week 1: 19 November 12.00 am – 22 November 11.59 PM

USD. $200.00

Friday 23 Nov


Week 2: 23 November 12.00 am – 29 November 11.59 PM

USD. $200.00

Friday 30 Nov


Week 3: 30 November 12.00 am – 6 December 11.59 PM

USD. $200.00

Friday 7 Dec


Week 4: 7 December 12.00 am -  13 December 11.59 PM

USD. $200.00

Friday 14 Dec


Week 5: 14 December 12.00 am - 20 December 11.59 PM

USD. $200.00

Friday 21 Dec


Week 6: 21 December 12.00 am – 27 December 11.59 PM

USD. $200.00

Friday 28 Dec


Week 7: 28 December 12.00 am -  6 January 11.59 PM

USD. $200.00

Monday 7 Jan


Final Raffle

1 Year Groceries

Monday 7 Jan



Would I receive a notification in case one of my actions qualified to participate in the raffle?

Yes! With each qualified entry you will receive an SMS notification that will advise you the number of entries you’ve earned and also the instructions on how to check the entries balance that will participate for the Main prize.


How would I know if I win a prize?                                                                                                         

If you are one of the winners, a Digicel Marketing Representative will contact you by phone call to let you know your prize. Digicel will attempt to contact customers two (2) consecutive times between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. the day of the raffle only and if the customer’s number is busy, there is no answer, the phone is off or goes to voicemail or if the customer does not want to participate in the Promotion (for example, for religious reasons), another customer will be contacted. Every Qualifying Event after the weekly raffle ends, will participate for the next weekly and the Main prize. Prizes must be taken as stated; prizes are not transferrable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash or other prizes. Upon accepting the prize, each winner will be required to consent to any planned publicity in connection with this Promotion for the use of his or her name, likeness, image, photograph on Social Media advertising without further compensation, throughout the entire world in perpetuity. If the customer refuses, another customer will be selected.


What documentation do I need to present if I win?

Winners will be required to present a valid Government issued photo ID (passport, identification card or driver’s licence or family book.


How can I check my entry balance?                                                        

Very easy! Prepaid Customers can always check entries balance by dialing *142*202#, *123# Option #6 or on My Digicel App. The number of entries you’ve accumulated up to date will be displayed.


What can I do to get more chances to win?

If you are a prepaid customer, you will get more chances to win every time you purchase a Top-Up of USD 20.00 or more, and activate a 7 or 30 Day Quick Pick Data plan, or a 7 or 30 day Quick Pick Talk & Data Bundle to earn more entries. We also invite you to sign up for a Hybrid Medium or Large plan to get most the most available entries possible. If you are an existing Hybrid customer, you get chances to win if you upgrade your Hybrid plan.


Will I receive a message every Friday advising when the raffle will start?

No, but if you are a winner, a Digicel Marketing Representative will be in contact with you to let you know your prize.


 If I am an existing Hybrid, can I participate in the raffle?

Absolutely yes! To participate you must Top-up with USD 20.00 or more.


How many days do I have to claim my prize after I receive the winning call?

Customers must claim their prize within 14 days after they have received the winning call. After 14 days have passed, customers will be deemed to forfeit the prize and the prize will remain the property of Digicel.

Digicel reserves the right to at any time to vary or cancel the terms and conditions of this Promotion or to withdraw this Promotion. In any of these events notice will be given via media advertisements or messages to subscribers and will be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.

Customers should be solely responsible for keeping their mobile handset properly secured and for all activations and other activities that occur on or through their mobile handsets. Any request made via the use of a USSD code from a mobile handset shall be deemed a legitimate request from the customer to whom the said mobile handset is registered. Digicel shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorized use of a customer’s handset.

By entering into this promotion, the customer understands that Digicel may collect and process the customer’s personal information which include the customer’s name, telephone number, home address and any other information that is necessary in connection with the promotion. The Customer also understands that he/she may be required to participate in any planned publicity in connection with this promotion which may include the use of his/her name, likeness, image, and photograph on Social Media advertising without further compensation, throughout the entire world in perpetuity. Furthermore, by entering into this promotion, the Customer irrevocably consents to the collection, use, storage, transfer and disclosure of his/her personal data by Digicel for the purposes of this promotion.

To the extent permitted by law, Digicel excludes all liability for loss, damage or injury of any nature howsoever caused, sustained by any participant under this Campaign.


The terms and conditions, the Campaign and any dispute arising out of or in connection with herewith shall be governed by the laws of Bonaire and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Kralendijk, Bonaire.



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Gift Of More Christmas 2018 FAQs