FAQ's Top-Up Campaign

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FAQ's Top-Up Campaign

Digicel’s Top-up and Win Promotion


Start Date: March 5th, 2020

End Date: April 16th, 2020


How does this Top-up and Win Promotion work?

All Digicel Bonaire Prepaid subscribers who Top-up with $10 will receive a SMS notification with an offer to get Double Data, if they purchase a 3 day Quick Pick Data plan within the 24 hours after the Top-up was done.

How much bonus data will be rewarded?

The bonus Data will be in the Bonus dedicated account and will not rollover to the next plan period. The Bonus Data will be available for 3 days after purchasing the 3-day Data plan.




Regular Data

Bonus Data


3 Day Quick Pick Data


750 MB

750 MB

Who is this Top-up Promotion available for?

This Top-up Promotion is available for all Digicel Prepaid customers. However, it is recommended that participating customers have an LTE Smartphones to benefit from the double data.

How do I activate a 3 Day Data Plan to get the Double Data?

Once you Top-up with $10 you will receive an SMS notification with instruction to click the link that will direct them to the My Digicel App or Dial *170# or Access our UMM Menu *123# to active the 3 Day Data plan.

Example:Klikaki: p5.mydigicel.net of primi *170# pa kumpranos Plan di 3 diaku ta naboDobel Data den Luna di lokura! Ofertabalido pa 24 ora





How can I see my Data bonus balance?

The Data Bonus Balance will be visible on the Main screen on My Digicel App:

Will I be notified when the bonus Data has been credited on my Account?

Yes! Customers who Top-up with $10 and purchased a 3 day Data plan will receive a confirmation SMS, once the Data bonus has been added to their account

Example: Pabien! Bo a kaba di risibi 750MB di Data! Primip5.mydigicel.netpa check bosaldo


Is the Grand Prize available with this promotion?

Yes! Customers who top-up with $10 or higher will be entered into raffle to WIN a Grand Prize of $1000.

When will be the raffle day on the Grand prize?

All qualifying top-up and purchased an eligible data plan during the Promotional Period can be submitted until 23:59 GMT on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 (“Closing time”). The Grand prize raffle will take place at the Digicel Bonaire Head Office on Friday, April 17th, 2020.

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FAQ's Top-Up Campaign