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Frequently Asked Questions

Billo Shutdown

Why did Digicel removed Billo from my bundle?

Given the challenges in creating and maintaining a successful storage application that meets our consumer users’ expectations, we decided to decommission the Billo app. We are committed to focusing on our Digital efforts, and will be launching new services for our Digicel Prime bundles to customers from July 29, 2022.


What will happen to my Billo Data/prime bundle?

You will have access to your Prime Bundle Billo data until July 29, 2022


If I have auto purchase, what will happen when the app no longer works?

You are required to cancel your auto renewal prior to July 29, 2022 end date. However, if you do not cancel, it will be automatically cancelled once the app goes off on July 29, 2022.


When is the last active day?

Friday July 29, 2022


Are there any alternate options?

Yes, you are able to use other cloud services of your choice – Google DriveDropboxOneDriveLifebox, etc. All you are required to do is to download your files on Billo and re-upload on any of your preferred storage or cloud service.


What will happen to my personal data?

All customer login information and personal data that has been collected, stored or otherwise processed by the Billo application will be deleted and removed from Billo’s databases.. For more information on the categories of personal data that Billo collects, please view the privacy policy.


How do I access my stored files after this period?

You will be unable to access or login to Billo from July 29th so to avoid loss or permanent deletion of your files, we strongly encourage you to export or transfer your files before July 29th 2022.


What should I do before the shutdown, and what is the timeline?

On July 29, access to Billo will be shut down, there are two (2) things you can do:

a)       Download all your photos and videos in your Billo storage to any of your devices.

b)       Upload on any other preferred cloud services of your choice – Google DriveDropboxOneDriveLifebox,


Can I download my Billo content more than once?

Yes, you can download and save your content multiple times. Downloading your content may take time, so get started before July 29, 2022.


Why is downloading my content taking so long?

If you have a considerable amount of content (photos, videos), your request to download all of this content may take multiple hours to complete. We recommend that you start downloading your photos and videos as soon as possible before July 29, 2022. You can take advantage of our Prime Bundle data to download all your files.


Will my photos and videos from Billo continue to exist in the cloud?

No. Your photos and videos on Billo will no longer exist from July 29, 2022. You can download and save your content, but it may take time, so get started before July 29, 2022. After you download your photos to your device, you can store them on your device or upload them to another cloud service.


If I’ve already downloaded all my photos and videos, are there any additional actions I should take?

No, you are all set!


As a Billo Premium package user, what do I need to know:

a)       You will continue to have access premium features on Billo till July 29th.

b)       Your data consumption on Billo will be covered on Prime Bundle till July 29th


Will my prime bundle data still cover Billo usage?

Yes, your Prime Bundle data will cover your Billo usage till July 29th.


How can I download my files from Billo?

Follow the steps below download your files with a click

1.  Open the folder you wish to download      

2.  Select the 3 dots beside each image

3.  Click download                         

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