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The Promotion is valid from November 18, 2021 to January 8th 2022 (the “Promotional Period”).


In order to be eligible for the Promotion, you must be a Digicel customer with an active Digicel prepaid and/or postpaid bundle or plan from the selection of “Eligible Plans” as defined below. This includes customers who activate a new Eligible Plan during the promotional period as well as customers on an existing Eligible Plan.

For customers participating through the More Ways to Win section of the App, you will need an active Digicel prepaid or postpaid number only. This number must be associated with the login credentials of all of the participating apps (DMusic, Go Loud, Loop, PlayGo, Sportsmax, Bip and Billo)

The following customers are excluded from participating in the Promotion:

a.     Postpaid Corporate & Business account customers;

b.     Families of employees, employees of affiliate companies associated with this promotion;

c.     Home & Entertainment only customers; and

d.     Postpaid customers with overdue amounts.

The Digicel Prime Bundles and all the plans listed below are eligible for the Promotion (collectively, the “Eligible Plans”).       

Prepaid Eligible Plans

Prize Pool type

Postpaid Eligible Plans

Prize Pool type

Up to a 7 day plan


Prime Lite


7-14 day plan


Prime More


14-30 day plan


Prime Extra




Prime Max










Yes. During the Promotional Period, on Saturdays[JH2]  and other promotional days as Digicel may choose, customers will be notified about the “Guaranteed Win” shake available. On any other day, when a Customer activates an Eligible Plan, they will also receive a notification that they are eligible for the “More Chances to Win” shake.


For MyDigicel App:

Step 1: To participate in the Promotion, you can do one of the following actions:

a.     Buy a Prime Bundle;

b.     Top up your mobile device;

c.     Pay your Digicel bill

d.     Activate an Eligible Plan (either via the MyDigicel App, via the Digicel website of your country, or by dialling the USSD/UMM code *141#

e.     Win a Bronze, Silver or Gold badge in our More Ways to Win area within MyDigicel App.

Step 2: The Eligible Customer will receive a “Shake It” notification inviting them to participate in the Promotion. The customer then confirms their participation in the Promotion by clicking on the “Shake It” notification and accepting these Terms.

Step 3: Once an Eligible Customer agrees to participate in the promotion and is prompted to “Shake It” that Eligible Customer must shake their phone while in the MyDigicel App to win.

Step 4: The Eligible Customer will receive a notification indicating whether they have won a prize or not. Prizes may or may not be able to be traded or gifted. Prizes that cannot be traded or gifted are automatically applied to the account of the winner. For prizes that are presented in a list of rewards, winners will have twenty-four (24) hours to select one or more of the following options, depending on the prize won:

a.     Redeem – If the winner would like to keep the default prize won, it may be redeemed immediately. If it is not redeemed within the twenty-four (24) hour window, it will be automatically redeemed and applied to the winner’s account.

b.     Trade – If the winner would like to trade the prize for another one, the list is available for the selection of a different available prize.

c.     Gift – If the winner would prefer to give a prize to another person as a gift, they may do so by selecting this option and providing the contact details of that person.