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Prepaid LTE Freedom Bundles | Digicel Anguilla

LTE plans for Prepaid


Get even More Data with
Freedom Plus Bundles

Faster Downloads
& Uploads
Video Quality
Crystal Clear
Voice Calls
✔ Seamless Streaming
✔ Faster Downloads & Uploads
✔ High-Definition Video Quality
✔ Crystal Clear Voice Calls


  • 30 Day Freedom Bundle
  • 8GB

  • 1000 Minutes
    Local Calls

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  • 7 Day Freedom Bundle
  • 2.5GB

  • 300 Minutes
    Local Calls

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  • 3 Day Freedom Bundle
  • 1GB

  • 200 Minutes
    Local Calls

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  • 1 Day Freedom Bundle
  • 300MB

  • 20 Minutes
    Local Calls

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  • Verify that your SIM is LTE compatible and if not, please visit a Digicel location for a SIM replacement.
  • Verify that LTE coverage is available in your area
  • Confirm that the network settings on the handset are set to LTE
  • Verify the APN is set to internet.oecs
  • Ensure that the handset is LTE capable with Band 17 (700MHz) 
  • Verify that a data plan is activated, or that there is sufficient credit.


Here is what different data allotments can offer you:   

Activity * Average Data Size * 3 GB 1 GB 400 MB 150 MB
1 Email - text only 20 KB 157286 emails 52429 emails 20480 emails 7680 emails
1 Email - with photo attachment 350 KB 8988 emails 2996 emails 1170 emails 439 emails
1 Web page 1.5 MB​ 2048 Web pages 683 Web pages 267 Web pages 100 Web pages
1 minute of streaming music 500 KB 6291 minutes  2097 minutes  819 minutes  307 minutes 
Social media update with photo 500 KB 6291 updates 2097 updates 819 updates 307 updates
High resolution digital photo upload/download 1 MB 3072  photos 1024 photos 400 photos 150 photos
1 minute of streaming video 5 MB 614 minutes  205 minutes  80 minutes  30 minutes 
Watching a 2 hour movie in standard defintion 1.9 GB 2 movies 1 movie 0 0
Watching a 2 hour movie in high-definition 4.2 GB 1 movie 0 0 0
Gaming online for 1 hour 43 MB 71 hours 24 hours 9 hours 3 hours
Download 1 song 6 MB 512 songs 171 songs 67 songs 25 songs

* Note:  These figures are approximations and based on average data consumption.  Data size per activity can vary. 


Yes. Customers will receive a notification 2 days and 1 day before their Prepaid LTE plan expires advising that their plan will auto renew.

  • If at expiry the customer has sufficient credit, the plan will auto renew.
  • If the customer had insufficient credit at plan expiry plan auto renewal would fail and the Prepaid LTE Plan ends.
  • Customers will also be able to opt out of auto-renewal via UMM or the My Digicel App or the My Digicel Web.
  • Free Benefits once activated do not auto-renew.


Tethering is charged from the available data bundles allotted to your selected data plan. If a data plan is not activated, data consumption will be charged at Pay As You Go rates.


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Activate your prepaid plan easily with My Digicel App

Activate your plan easily with My Digicel App


  • Convenient access right at your fingertips
  • Top up from the App
  • Easily check your data balance and credit
  • Renew your plan or activate a new one


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