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Anguilla’s 1st fibre home network

Digicel uses the latest digital and fibre technology to deliver a superior home entertainment experience like never before.

Why Fibre?

With fibre that goes directly into your home, you’ll enjoy reliable internet at lightning speeds. Enjoy up to 200 mbps no matter how many people are online or devices being used. Fibre is more resilient than traditional cable, giving you uninterrupted connectivity. No more worries about weather or terrain.

Fibre is more than just internet, delivering a better TV viewing experience for the entire family. With amazingly crisp, clear picture quality and more HD channels, you’ll enjoy TV shows, sports and movies the way they were meant to be seen.

It’s time to step into the future on the network that puts you first! Get fibre to the home - only with Digicel.

Sign up today and experience the difference.

Currently available in Shoal Bay West, The Cove, Rendezvous, West End Village, Meads Bay, Long Bay Village, Rockfarm and George Hill.



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