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First Top Up Of The Month

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First Top Up Of The Month
  • Customer top's up $15 or more and gets $5 Bonus credit.
  • Customer has 7 days; from the 1st to the 7TH to top up the qualifying amount in order to receive the Bonus.
    •  (Grenada’s qualifying amount is $10 and get $5 bonus. All other markets is $15 and get $5 bonus)
  • No, only on the 1st top up of the qualifying amount within the first 7 days.
  • For plan activation and on net calling
  • Agent can check whether first top was  received by going to Minsat>> Account Admin > Accumulator> ACC 119.If value is 1 then customer got qualifying amount for the month   
  • Diaspora top up is not  included as part of qualifying refill source 
  • 7 days from when the bonus was applied
  • The qualifying amount is based on the amount after credit advance or any credit owed is paid back.
  • All markets use the same DA 237
  • Yes, Balance can also me checked in UMM and MDA.


                   Bonus: MDA


  • This Bonus credit takes first priority for on- net calling for plans with minutes in the bundle and takes second priority for plans with unlimited on-net calling