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Antiguastreetz was formed on a social networking site in 2005. A group of car enthusiasts came together and pooled information on Antigua's car scene.​

In a short space of time, the group was maxed out with members and we sought for a better medium with the new founded popularity of the group. This brought about the birth of in the year of 2006.
With the webpage structured in such a way that everyone had access to share information and communicate with each other at will. Thousands of persons locally and abroad would log in to on a weekly basis​to find out what’s new with the automotive scene here in Antigua.

In the year of 2007, they made a decision to move away from the roll of just being a plain old web forum to the promoting of household automotive events such as: Tuner Bash, Whipz & Wingz, Wadadli Honda & Toyota Meets, Street Warz, the All-Motor Shoot Out and Little Tokyo to name a few. ​

Taking in ​the data and working on improving the events, ​they​ decided to​ team up with Javier Ortega of OGS and Nyce1's​ in the US ​in a move to spread awareness of our auto scene to a new demographic.​

This move enabled them to gain further recognition to the island through the use of the car scene acting as a different aspect of sports tourism on both the regional and international scale.

An added benefit was also the successful establishment of a link to allow our local photographers to interact with other professionals from the international car scene thus improving our own talent here on the island. 

Antiguastreetz has made sure they contributed to the betterment of their society by giving selflessly to charitable institutions such as​ the​ L​eo​ Club​ and the ​Red Cross Society.

Over the years through persevering, we ​have managed to become the cornerstone for automotive enthusiasts here in Antigua both for information and as event promoters.

​​A main goal and focus has always been to create a hard copy and web based lifestyle magazine for our island's enthusiast. We most certainly wish to see this through. ​

With corporate partners like Digicel Antigua & Barbuda backing us, we are destined to keep delivering extraordinary events.

​"Performance * Passion * Culture" - Antiguastreetz.

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Antigua Streetz Bio