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Say hello to newly signed Digicel Brand Ambassador - DJ JIME

Jime Hunte, also known as DJ Jime was born on November 7th to Ms. Debbie Bird & Joseph Hunte. Jime is the last of 4 siblings. Jime has been exposed to music at the early age of 5 and has always been involved with music in song and instruments. Jime holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with a Minor in Marketing and is currently employed at an offshore bank.

The root of Jime’s versatility can be found in his origins as a Disc Jockey. He took up the craft six years ago while studying in Cuba. Then it was just a past time. It was not until 2009 at Tattooz when Jime’s cousin, a bar manager at the club, discovered his talent. Since then, Jime has gone from undiscovered to celebrated as one the best DJ Antigua has to offer. The young DJ has evolved into an established entertainment icon, hosting parties, playing for mas troupes and more. DJ Jime has been headlining a number events in Antigua and abroad such as Red Eye ‘The Breakfast Fete, Nocturnal, Blue Jeans, We Come To Fete, Pure L.O.L ‘The Cooler Fete’ and Dallas Reggae Festival, Lava ‘The Hottest Cooler Fete’ in Montserrat and various Gigs in Barbados just to name a few.

Versatility of a musical selection is what puts DJ Jime above the competition. With only four years in the business professionally, Jime has had a great rise in the business. Though having knowledge in music Dj Jime started his DJ career in Cuba while there for University, playing music for a vast number of nationalities including Africans, Malaysians, Russians Cubans and the "Carbienos". After taking a sabbatical from school he decided to pursue the craft further, gaining employment at the Tattooz Nightclub, later leaving for the Coast Nightclub. DJ Jime recently relocated back to Antigua after completing his Tertiary education in the United States where he also played extensively in Louisiana & Texas.

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DJ Jime Biography