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Digicel Home Connect

Home Connect is Digicel’s new and improved wireless network. It promises to deliver a superior communications experience island-wide, with more consistent internet speeds and increased reliability.

Terms and Conditions
  • Yes. Every Digicel customer with an existing modem in their home will need to upgrade to Home Connect to continue using Digicel’s service. The upgrade is free of charge and includes all the technical support and hardware you need to connect to the network – provided your home is within Digicel’s coverage and capacity area.



  • Digicel requests every customer with an existing modem to send their location pin to the sales team, via the following link: Bit.ly/DigicelLocation The sales team will then arrange to visit each customer at home in order to assess the feasibility of providing the service, and confirming eligibility.



  • Once our checks are done, our sales team will talk you through the different plans on offer, to help you decide which option will suit you best. The sales team will also need you to fill out an Activation Form in order to complete the sign-up process.


  • Yes. You will need to be home for the installation. The technician assigned to connecting you to the Home Connect Service Network will complete all necessary work on the outside of your home, but due to the current rules around social distancing, will require your assistance installing the in-home components. It’s a simple process whereby you will be asked to plug the cable the technician has installed into the back of the modem, and connect it to a power source. The technician will be within a safe distance to guide you through the process and to confirm the modem is functioning properly. 


  • Different speeds (up to 30Mbps) are available, depending on the plan you purchase and the number of devices you have connected to your modem at any one time.



  • After successfully installing the Home Connect service, customers are encouraged not to tamper with the modem. However, customers are able to request the assistance of a technician to relocate their modem at any time. To do this, please phone our Digicel Customer Care hotline (Mon- Fri 8am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 3pm) on 736-1013/14 to schedule a site visit. There will be costs associated with this service, so please confirm this with the Customer Care personnel before formally requesting the relocation. Digicel will not be held responsible for any service disruption or modem damage sustained as a result of any partial or full relocation performed by the customer.



  • All Home Connect customers are required to sign up for a contractual period of 24 months. If you choose to terminate your service before the contractual period ends, Digicel will arrange a time to retrieve the equipment installed in your home.



  • We have designed a Fair Usage Policy to ensure that all of our customers get the best network experience. Sometimes, a very small number of customers use lots of bandwidth to send and receive large files and do long periods of streaming which affects the experience for other users. Our Fair Usage Policy is an acceptable way for us to manage the use of our network in order to allow everyone fair consumption of the service.



  • You may suspend your Home Connect service for a maximum of 6 months for free. After 6 months, you will be charged $50 (plus tax) per month until your service is resumed.



  • The only additional outlay you will be required to make is a fully refundable deposit of $200. This will be refunded to you once your contract period has expired and you chose to terminate the service. Please note that you will need to settle your final bill before the refund can be processed.


Customers will be asked to verify their identity and eligibility be presenting the following documents to the sales team at the time of their initial on-site visit:

  1. A valid government issued ID
  2. A recent utility bill that clearly shows the address where the service is to be connected/upgraded.

The sales team will take a snap-shot of these documents and once eligibility has been confirmed, conduct the service feasibility test.


  • For optimal speed, it is recommended that customers restrict the number of devices connected to their modem at any one time to 4. Should you choose to connect more than 4 devices simultaneously, you may experience slower download and upload speeds.



  • You may pay your Digicel Home Connect bill using any of our standard payment options:
    • Select Digicel Stores
    • MyDigicel App
    • Online Bank (ECAB, Scotia, FCIB, ACB)
    • In-store Kiosk
  • NB: Please make payments using your Home Connect Account number to ensure your payment is applied to the correct Digicel account.


  • After successfully installing the Home Connect service, customers should not remove the SIM card from their modem. Digicel will not be held responsible for any service disruption or modem/SIM damage should the customer attempt to remove or replace the SIM themselves.



  • All Home Connect bills are due on the 27th of the month. Please note that payments received after the 30th of each month will attract a late fee of $10 plus tax. This will appear automatically on your next invoice, itemized as a Late Payment Fee.



  • Fair Usage levels for our Home Connect service are set well above normal usage. This means that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage policy. On reaching the Fair Usage limit for the day, you might notice that your online experience is slower than normal for the remainder of the day - until it resets.
    • Speed will be determined by network availability, coverage, plan and device.
    • Once data allotments are exhausted, prepaid customers will not be allowed Overage for data.
    • Customers will be throttled after the Fair Usage is exceeded



  • If you choose to terminate your LTE service once the contract period has expired, you will be required to clear all outstanding invoices and sign a Termination Form. Digicel will then arrange to collect the modem and cables from your home. Assuming these have not been willfully damaged, your deposit will be refunded in due course.  You may also choose to use your fully refundable deposit to offset your outstanding balance, or transfer it as a credit to your Digicel mobile account.


Activate your prepaid plan easily with My Digicel App

Activate your plan easily with My Digicel App


  • Convenient access right at your fingertips
  • Top up from the App
  • Easily check your data balance and credit
  • Renew your plan or activate a new one


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