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Get LTE-ready in a few easy steps

It's easy. You only need three things to take advantage of this: 

  • A compatible SIM
  • Device
  • Phone settings turned onto LTE.

We have been providing customers with LTE SIMs for over a year. If you have an older SIM and you are not sure if it is LTE, you can visit any Digicel store, and if needed, we will give you an LTE SIM for free.



For Iphone users:

Please note you will need the latest iOS system



For Android users:


Once your settings are turned on you are set to benefit from our brand new network - the countdown is on to launch!

Not sure if your device is LTE capable?  Use our Device Support page to get the configurations for your phone.  

Still having trouble? Use My Digicel App to chat with customer care.


Know more about LTE

LTE, also known as Long Term Evolution, offers lightning-fast data as customers’ needs for sufficient connectivity and multimedia experiences evolve. In a world where video reigns supreme, LTE lets you stream to your heart’s content. 


LTE gives a superior user experience when it comes to stability, throughput and latency. The increased capacity will bring new and better services to users through lightning-fast access anytime, anywhere. Users will be able to stream data, video, and VoIP with no delay.


The Digicel LTE network is capable of offering lightning-fast data speeds of up to 100 Mbps, in other words you can stream videos without buffering and share content without a hitch. However, the user experience could vary based on location and network load at that moment.


–       Check your device to ensure it can work on Digicel’s 700 MHz - Band 17. Not sure how to find your phone’s frequencies? View your phone information (usually found in ‘Settings’) for the model number and do a Google search to get the correct frequency settings for that model.

–       After you have determined that your device will work with the Digicel LTE frequency, you may need to upgrade to a USIM in order to get lit with LTE. To check SIM compatibility, please visit your nearest Digicel store.



You will enjoy the same 4G speed, dependent on your device capabilities. If you would like to get the Digicel LTE experience, please visit your nearest Digicel store for a range of LTE-compatible devices.


All major population areas and most of the remote parts of the country.


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Something big is coming