PayGo Wall & Pop-Up 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The PayGo Opt-In plan will allow subscribers to accept charges for data usage from their main account at regular roaming rates rate when no active roaming plan is on the account. 

Pay As You Go data will be blocked for all roaming subscribers with no active data roaming plan on account unless opted in to “Paygo Opt In”.

Customer will receive an UMM Pop-up with the option to Opt-In to use PayGo as well as an option to activate a roaming plan with data. If none of the above options are selected then data access will be blocked.


What happens if an attempt is made to access data while in a roaming destination with no active roaming plan?

When a subscriber’s device attempts to access roaming data while in a roaming destination with no active roaming plan on account they will not be able to browse or access data. If an attempt is made to browse a PayGo notification Wall will be sent to the customer advising:


A.  PayGo is block (No access to data): Pay As You Go data roaming will automatically be blocked for all subscribers; upon retrieval of the PayGo Block notification Pop-Up if an option is not selected PayGo will remain blocked. Customers will not be allowed to browse or access data when the PayGo Block is enabled.


B. Buy a plan (upsell roaming plan): An upsell option will be displayed when a customer tries to access data roaming with no active plan. Once the PayGo wall is displayed the customer will have the option “Buy a Plan” to activate a roaming plan of their choice. With sufficient credit on the account the plan selected by the customer will be activated and plan applied to account.


C. PayGo Opt-In: If a customer selects the option to Opt-in to PayGo, they will receive a confirmation message advising of the rates associated with the PayGo charges from their main account. The access to PayGo will remain active for 24hours, if the subscriber wishes to continue using PayGo data they will have to opt-in again.

The PayGo Wall should allow seamless access to browsing when data is available and instant UMM/Pop-Up Menu when no data is available on account when a browsing attempt is made. The PayGo Pop-Up will be sent once every 4 hours between the hours of 8am to 11:59pm (home network time).


Existing Easy Roam & Digi-Roam Plans 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Upon the launch of the New International Passport Roam plans and Caribbean Passport plans the legacy Easy Roam & Digi-Roam plans will not be available for activation, the following will happen:

•              Plan will not be available in the UMM Menu, USSD, My Digicel App, Web.

•              Subscriber with active legacy Easy Roam & Digi-Roam plans will still have access to use the plan until its original expiration date. These subscribers will not be able to renew these legacy plans.