FAQs: Pick Lite Bundle

Pick Lite: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pick Lite Bundles?

The Pick Lite bundle is our ‘new kids on the block’ offer that will join the Quick Pick Bundles family. You can choose from a 1 day, 7 day or 30 day Bundle and enjoy the best of data and talk for as low as $4.00!


How much does it cost to activate a Pick Lite Bundle?

You can choose any of the Pick Lite Bundles from as low as $4.00. You can buy it at My Digicel App p.mydigicel.net or by dialing *141#.

Pick Lite Bundles

Price ($ )

Pick Lite 1 Day


Pick Lite 7 Day


Pick Lite 30 Day



What do I get with my Pick Lite Bundle?

Each bundle gives you both data and talk in 1 day, 7 day and 30 day durations as shown in the table below:

Pick Lite Bundle Validity

Data (MBs)

Local Minutes


Pick Lite 1 Day

50 MB



Pick Lite 7 Day

350 MB



Pick Lite 30 Day

1.5 GB



*Local destinations are: Digi to Digi, Digi to other local networks while in the local network.


How do I activate my Pick Lite Bundle?

There are two ways to activate a Pick Lite Bundle:

  1. My Digicel App:

Step 1: Go to My Digicel App from your phone at p.mydigicel.net

Step 2: Select “My Plans”

Step 3: Select “Pick Lite Bundles”

Step 4: Select the Pick Lite Bundle that fits you best

Step 4: Select “Buy”

2.  By dialing from your phone *141#


Is Pick Lite available to all customers?

No; the new Pick Lite Bundles are available only to our Prepaid Customers.


Can I upgrade or downgrade my Pick Lite Bundle before it expires?

  • Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Pick Lite Bundle for example, you can change your 1 day Pick Lite Bundle to a 7 day Pick Lite Bundle and vice versa.
  • While on an active bundle, you can visit from your phone MyDigicel App p.mydigicel.net to select the plan that you want to activate. 
  • Once you have sufficient credit on your account, the new bundle will be activated with the new validity period and applicable data quota applied.

Where can I call with my voice minutes?

Your Pick Lite Bundle includes voice allotment so you can feel free to call to the following destinations: Digicel to Digicel calls or any local network.


Can I use the new Pick Lite Bundles while I’m roaming?

No; you cannot. These bundles are for local use only.


Can I use these new bundles with any handset?

Yes, you can. These bundles work with any basic or smartphone device for example; Windows, Blackberry, Android and Apple.


Will I receive a message that tells me when the bundles are depleted?

Yes, you will receive notifications to advise you when the minutes and data from your bundle are 50%, 75% and 100% depleted.


Can I set my Pick Lite Bundle to auto-renew?

Yes, you can. Once there is sufficient credit on your account, you can opt-in to auto-renewal by using the MyDigicel App p.mydigicel.net.


Can I opt-out of auto-renewal?

Yes, you can cancel auto-renewal by using My Digicel App p.mydigicel.net self-help options. 


Will my unused data and minutes rollover?

Yes, your unused data and minutes will rollover with Pick Lite Bundles. Once you auto-renew or repurchase your bundle before it expires, you can rollover all unused data and minutes. If you let your bundle expire, and repurchase during the applicable Grace Period, you will be able to rollover up to 15GBs of data.


Can I lose my rollover data and talk?

No; you will not. As long as you auto-renew or repurchase your Pick Lite Bundle before it expires, you’ll never lose your unused data or talk.


How much time do I have to rollover my unused benefits?

Once your bundle expires,you have up to 11:59PM on the day of expiry to repurchase a Pick Lite Bundle in order to rollover your unused data or voice benefits. The amount of data you can rollover during this grace period will be capped at 15GBs.


Is there a maximum amount of talk minutes or data that can be accumulated?

No; there is no limit to the amount of data or talk you can rollover. Once you auto-renew or repurchase your bundle before expiry.


Can I have a Pick Lite Bundle and a 1 hour Quickie activated at the same time?

Yes, you can enjoy both the Pick Lite Bundle and the 1 hour Quickie at the same time. When a Quickie plan is activated with a Pick Lite Bundle, data from Facebook browsing and WhatsApp chat will not be depleted from the Pick Lite data Bundle.


Can I activate a Pick Lite Bundle with a Quick Pick Bundle at the same time?

Yes, you can activate both the Pick Lite Bundle and a Quick Pick Bundle at the same time. However, if the Quick Pick Bundle is activated after the Pick Lite Bundle, the Quick Pick Bundle will take precedent and the Pick Lite bundle will end. You will still have access to the unlimited features of the Quick Pick Bundle


How do I check my available voice minutes, SMS and data balance?

You can check your balance via the MyDigicel App a.mydigicel.net or by using the *141# self-help option.


What happens if my minutes/data is depleted before the Pick Lite Bundle expires?

If your minutes/data is depleted before your Pick Lite Bundle expires, you will be charged from your credit balance at the standard out of bundle rate of EC $0.51/MBs and voice rate of EC $0.95/mins. You can continue using your minutes and data by activating a new Pick Lite, Quick Pick Bundle or 1 hour Quickie by dialing *141# or visit the My Digicel App p.mydigicel.net.