Digicel Antigua Sweet 16 Promotion FAQs

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Antigua 16th Anniversary Promotion FAQ's

1.       What is the Sweet 16 Campaign about?

Digicel Antigua will be giving away $16,000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars cash in celebration of 16 Years of Dedicated service to Antigua and Barbuda. Starting from March 1st 2022:

a.       The 1st Sixteen (16) New Postpaid sign ups at the Redcliffe Street Store as well as the 1st sixteen (16) New postpaid sign ups as the Hillspark Store, with a Prime Plan, will get $16ec deducted from their first month’s bills.

b.       New Digicel+ customers will get their installation fee waived.

c.       Additionally active Prepaid and Postpaid customers will be able to Shake and WIN prizes in the My Digicel App.

2.       How do I qualify to win $16,000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars
To qualify to win $16,000 ECD cash, a current prepaid customers must activate a 3, 7 or 30 Day Prime Plus plan. New Postpaid Sign Ups for any Postpaid Prime Plus Plan or New Digicel+ home internet service will also qualify for a chance to win.

3.       What is the My Digicel Shake It Sweet 16 Promotion?
Digicel is Celebrating its 16th Anniversary with opportunities to Shake and Win in the My Digicel mobile app.  Digicel customers can win a number of prizes such as Free Data, International Calls and special vouchers to participating local businesses.

4.       When does the Sweet 16 Promotion Start and End?
The promotion starts Friday 4th March, 2022 and ends on Thursday 31st March, 2022.

5.       Who is eligible to participate in the Shake It Promotion?
In order to be eligible to Shake in the My Digicel App, customer must be an active Digicel Postpaid Customer on a Prime Plan or an active Prepaid Customers must be on an active 3, 7 or 30 Day Prime Plus Plan during the promotional period.  Customer will also be required to have the My Digicel app downloaded on their mobile phone. The My Digicel App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

6.       Which Digicel Prepaid or Postpaid Plan should I have in order to participate?
All the plans listed below are eligible for the Promotion.

Prepaid Eligible Plans

Postpaid Eligible Plans

Prime Plus 3 Day Plan

Antigua – Basic Prime Plan

Prime Plus 7 Day Plan

Antigua – More Prime Plan

Prime Plus 30 Day Plan

Antigua – Extra Prime Plan


Antigua – Max Prime Plan

7.       What are the chances of winning?
The Sweet 16 Promotion includes “Guaranteed Win” on Saturdays and other special promotional days which will be communicated via SMS and Social Media Platforms.  Every Saturday during the Promotional Period, Eligible Customers will be able to Shake and Win a prize.

8.       What prizes can I win?
There are two (2) different types of prizes that may be offered to you in the event of a win: “Digital Prizes” and “Non-Digital Prizes.”

“Digital Prizes” include the following subcategories of prizes. These can typically be used immediately after choosing and may be available to gift to another Digicel customer.

Prize Subcategory


Digital Bundle

Premium access and data allowance for the 9 Digital Services below

Any Use Data

An allowance of data that you can use for anything on your Smartphone

International Talk

An allowance of minutes to call Regional Digicel and Non Digicel number, USA and Canada

Any-Net Talk

An allowance of minutes to call Digicel to Digicel and/or other local networks

Digicel Prime Plus Bundle Discount

Discounts on our new Digicel Prime Plus Bundles as described below

The Promo Digicel Bundle includes premium access and a data allowance that can be used with the following Digital Services (Mobile Apps). You can find out more about these app and our Digicel Prime Plus Bundles here.

Digicel Prime Plus Bundle Discounts may become available during the Promotional Period, with discounts of varying percentages for specific durations on selected Digicel Prime Plus Bundles.  If you select a discount prize, the benefit will apply on your next purchase or renewal of the specific named bundle.  The discount cannot be applied to a different bundle, e.g. a discount on a Prime Plus 7 Day bundle may not be applied to a Prime Plus 3 day bundle.  You may have multiple discount prizes available and active at the same time if they are for different Digicel Prime Plus Bundles.

“Non-Digital Prizes” are prizes that would typically need to be collected from a location designated by Digicel and may be included as prizes in the Promotion, with notifications of the same via social media and/or other Digicel communications.  Examples of Non-Digital Prizes include cash or gift vouchers with a Digicel partner.

9.       How are Digital Prizes redeemed or gifted?

a.       Digital Prizes will be automatically allocated immediately to winners who choose to redeem. There is no need to activate by USSD code or other activation method.

b.       A winner will not be able to trade for another Digital Prize,

c.       These prizes are available to be used from the time of allocation (within any specified usage period) and expire as per the validity period of the Eligible Plan.

d.       Digital Prizes that have been redeemed, but not used, will expire and there will be no carry over or refund, except for Shake It Digital Bundles (as per rollover terms).

e.       If the winner chooses to gift a reward to another person, a gift list will be regenerated for a selection to be made and the Digicel phone number of the recipient must be provided. Please note that the recipient may only receive rewards which are compatible with their device and Digicel service, e.g. Prepaid Gift can only be gifted to a Prepaid customer and a Postpaid Gift can only be gifted to a Postpaid Customer.  If the recipient is unable to receive the prize, you will be notified. Successful gifted rewards will be automatically allocated to the recipient who will also receive a notification of same.

f.        Any usage after the specified usage period or after the reward is depleted, will be billed at the customer’s applicable price plan rates, taken from the main data allowance or charged from the customer’s Digicel credit.

10.   Can I activate a Digicel Prime Plus Bundle if I have already redeemed and activated a Digital Prize?
Yes. The Digital Prizes, including the “Shake It Digital Bundles” (a Digital Prize that rewards Eligible Customers with data which they can use across all Prime Bundle Apps) are all compatible with our other Prime Plus Plans and may be active at the same time.

11.   How can I check the balance on my Digital Prizes?
You can check your balance at any time in the My Digicel App.

12.   Can my Shake It Digital Bundle rollover into a newly activated Prime Plus Plan?
Yes. Any outstanding data balance at the end of the applicable period will remain valid for the period of the newly activated Eligible Plan. An expired Eligible Plan cannot rollover.