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Prepaid Mobile Plans and Mobile Service | Digicel St. Kitts & Nevis

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Prepaid Plans

The Choice is Yours With Digicel!

With Digicel’s prepaid plans, there are no bills and no rental or connection fees; you simply pay as you go!

Digicel prepaid provides you:

  •  Per second charging (save up to 33% compared to per minute charging)
  •  No quarterly service charge
  •  No connection fee
  •  Peak, off-peak and weekend rates
  •  FLEXcards available in $10, $15, $25, $40 and $70
  •  Direct dial international calls
  •  Prepaid roaming
  •  Voicemail
  •  FREE incoming calls
  •  digiText messaging (SMS)
  •  Call conferencing
  •  Caller ID
  •  Caller ID blocking
  •  Calling line restriction
  •  Call barring
  •  Mobile email 
  •  Call waiting
  •  Call hold
  •  "Call Me" service

Prepaid customers can add their desired credit to their account by using the following “Top Up” options

  • Credit U: Transfer credit to another Digicel customer by dialing *128*1264(customer number who the credit is going to),*amount sending, # sign, press “send”.
  •  Web Flex-online: Recharge online using Visa or MasterCard worldwide. Simply log on to
  •  Direct Top Up: Add credit directly to a Digicel customer's account without having to enter any pin numbers. Customer will receive a text message indicating the amount of credit requested and their new balance. Top up any amount from $5 upwards.
  •  Top U Up: Top up another Digicel customer's account using a voucher. Dial *125*1264(number the credit is going to), # sign, press “send” and follow instructions. The receiving customer will get a text confirming the credit.  
  •  Mobile Top Up: Purchase credit anytime from our authorized vendors. Simply pay the vendor and the credit will be sent directly to your phone or any other phone you choose.  
  •  Fingertip Top Up: With Fingertip Top Up, registered online customers will now be able to send a Top Up from their Digicel mobile phone and have the amount charged to the credit card on their account.  
  •  Caribflex: Purchase of phone credit/minutes from retail outlets and convenient stores in the US, UK and Canada to Top Up families and friends back home in the Caribbean.
Click here for more information on topping up. 


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